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  • Director
  • Producer
  • Rated
  • Original Release
  • Length
  • Language
  • Michael Coldewey, Michel Lemire
  • R
  • 88 min.
  • Eng, Jap, Fr

Heavy Metal 2000


Upon discovery of a shard of the Loc-Nar (the evil orb from the 1st Heavy Metal), a miner named Tyler becomes posessed by an insatiable hunger for power & thirst for immortality. On his way to a planet which has a fountain of immortality, Tyler makes a pit stop at F.A.K.K.² (Federation-Assigned Ketogenic Killzone) because its inhabitants carry some immortality water in their bodies. Tyler abducts a few people and kills the rest, but misses one: Julie, the sole survivor enraged by Tyler's careless rampage, vows to avenge her family and kill Tyler before he reaches the fountain.


joker0203's picture

the 1st one was better then this one all thout this one is ok but i like the 1st just a bit better.

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