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Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

Zaborg19's picture

Just wondering, does anyone else here play Yugioh? I dont think any of you do (And I hate the anime... its horrible) but I love to play the game! When ever I get enough change I ususally just go out and buy some packs. I have cards and collect them and I just like to play it with my friends! (The other forums I go on is mostly Yugioh too... though I dont go on the Yugioh ones as much...) I was only wondering like what decks you run, fav card, etc. Though I think I am the only one on here whom plays. But I am not hard core about it... though I can beat most anybody I wanted... since I guess I am good (Most people say I am... maybe they just stink but...) if anyone wants to duel me through like YIM or something, just tell me! ^_^! Well, to answer my own questions: Fav Card: Zaborg the Thunder Monarch (Thats where my name comes from, and the 19 is just my favorite number) The Decks I Run:Warrior's Empire (Warriors with Monarchs)Five Blue Eyes OTK (A deck based around Blue Eyes, but I almost always get out Five-Headed... and win with overpowering power)Gladiator Beast (Sort of trying to get it to meta standards, but its so hard when you dont really get them that much LOL)Exodia (Yeah, any Yugioh duelist knows about these LOL) Well, there you have it if you care... I am interested to see if there is actually anyone who really plays!! ^_^

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