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You, as my belovid bordem reflectants~~~ T^T HELP ME!!!!

xXxMorbidLovexXx's picture

When a world of bordem dawns on you what is the one thing you do!? That's right, you try to find something to do!! Well this is my "thing to do"! You are more then welcome to join me!! ^_^...................Here is what I came up with! I will start a story, and end it with a cliff hanger! You, as my belovid bordem reflectants, will (if you want to) continue the story until you add a cliff hanger of your own!!  The rules are simple though! You can only add onto the story others added! And i'd perfer you only use 'Add new comment' button, so we don't end up with tiny reply boxes like in the others! Now then, that simple enough, right? Then let began with the story, shall we? A woman grinned with smug satisfaction as she rubbed her hands together, her eyes fixated on her computer monitor. “Heh! This is my best virus I’ve created yet! I am INVINCIBLE!” she shouted, frightening several people who were walking by her cubicle.She shifted her eyes around the giant building. She was currently in one of the three 100 flight skyscrapers that belonged to NetGear Inc. Around her were other small, cramped cubicles; her’s being slightly bigger and roomy than the other ones.Behind her was a small pathway that led to the bigger offices for the managers and secretaries. Past the chunk of cubicles was balcony which allowed a person to see into the rest of the building, the floor way. The floor way was had the main computer system, the data system, and a print out station. It had giant TV screens on the walls, and it was three stories high, the ceiling of the floor way was even with the ceiling of her floor. In the flights above the floor way and her cubical were the offices of the boss himself, his two sons, and thousands of other people that she didn’t know the purpose of, and frankly didn’t care about.She cracked her knuckles as she smiled crookedly at her screen. A quick glance in both directions assured her that she was quite safe. She let out a small laugh and pressed enter.The power went completely out, leaving the NetGear buildings a black, swirling vortex. Every computer screen and TV screen when black until white letters appeared on their screen saying, “You will NEVER shut down da master!” A little picture of chibi flashed up under the screens and she cackled as everyone as various choruses of groans were released from the cubicles around her.She strained her neck to look out at the floor way and clapped her hands together. The giant TV screens were proudly flashing her message along with the millions of other computer screens on the floor way.                                                               To Be Continued...

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