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Write you own manga

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ok ... i will start...My manga idea start like:"You will not win this war ... not! Are you sure? Only over my dead body ... Then so be ... And they began to fight. Moonlight luce in blade sabiilor.zwarrr ... Ha ha! 're worse than I expected ... I? still have not seen anything. and then began to run towards the other one. -Die in hell captain Vorno. And karasu's sworld penetrated his body, vorno's body ... -you 're too weak for me ... you die ... Team we go back to town. Mission Accomplished.Our army will  come to occupy territory.theyr army leader is dead. Yes, Captain! -Go ... hhhrr Going somewhere? muahhaaa ? -Grrr ... vorno're not dead ?! certainly not just think you can beat me ... ? do you think that ? haha ha ha ... I tell you what happened: I've wanted to reach my powers ... of course I couldn't ...just if I was on the brink of death .. so I let you to attack me for the powers of STONE to make apparence,to make me stronger.. ... ? -yes, zambeku The one of 9 ANCIENT STONE and while you order the withdrawal I regenerate my powers ... so we start? mmm "I now have to use forces" thinking karasu aaaaaaaaa -what is that? asks a soldier this is the second life ... ? yes ... power, love and power ... will be a nice fight wolf technique: the 4 red fangs Grrr atack are too fast says karasu I need to fly My element-wind wings technique Giant Eagle get me up -nice -need to treat seriously-zbarr i must destroy his fans "Pilonii vantalui" -Hmm ?-you try to kill my fangs ?-?...look ...-whoa ? my fangs ...i train with my hands... you pay for it. do you think you are safe there ? you wrong ...Earth element...mud technique "sageata noroiului" DESTROY HIM...ha ha is over ...and his eagle has crashed to earth...you're too slow...you need some speed to catch me...i will finish now this ...-Same old strategy...that crap doesn't work anymore ...you need something new, "Karasu The Ilusionist"-?-JAGON i summon you ...now you'll see my power...you hopes die when my angry comes to outside....                                                            End of capter l -   Sorry for my bad english -i need some imagesP.M if some1 want to help me-if someone want to continue my story P.M Me                                                                   THX    

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