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Which "Emoticon" represents you most?

xXxMorbidLovexXx's picture

You just basically answer the questions and i'll give you an answer for it!! It's easy right???~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Describe your character.PessimisticNaughtyOptimisticInsane What are you hobbies?Brooding about stuff.Teasing others.Having fun.Doing things others dare not do. When faced with a problem, you:Become very worried and may even cry.Laugh it off.Solve it using the best possible way.Try all kinds of unorthodow ways to solve it. When you do something, it's because...You are worried the consequences of not doing it.You wanna have fun.Doing it makes you happy.You feel like doing it. When together with your friends, you're usually...Ouiet, moody.Making fun of others.Smiling and laughing.Shouting and making a fool out of yourself. Crying is...Natura.Pitiful.Sad.Exciting. You spend most of your time...Worrying.Making fun of others.Laughing.Doing whatever you feel like doing. Life is...Painful.About spicing it up.Fun.Unpredictable.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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