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what the heck is that manga??


This has been such a head scratcher...hoping you guys can maybe help?

I had the UK VHS of Guyver episode one, and before it there were the usual Manga trailers...

...I remember Demon City Shinjuku, Devilman, and I think Cyber City 808 was one of them...

...but there was a THIRD ONE which I cannot place for the life of me!!! From what I remember it had a man and a woman fleeing from a pursuing robot with wheels across the countryside in a jeep and I do remember them getting across a large city bridge at night and the guy in the jeep throwing a can of petrol behind them, shooting a gun at the can and it exploding, thus bringing the robot to a halt on the bridge. The robot had a kind of Terminator-esque scanning system.

God....i wish i could remember the name of it.

Anyone know what manga I'm talking about???

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