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What happened to anime?


OK, so here I am scrolling through all these topics on manga's forums and everyone seems to be into all these neu-anime almost kid oriented shows, not saying that i dont believe death note/bleach/inuyasha arent good shows, cause I actually enjoyed those series very much, but anime has fallen far from the tree in this new day and age. Now I understand that all things change, grow, and move to appease certain audiences(usa) but Manga and US Manga Corp seem to have sold off alot of theyre older anime titls which they dont list anymore, and people and new generations dont seem to know some of the older, better, alot more graphic intense oriented animes that have paved the way. I read a topic about what animes people got turned on to and it was all tv based versions and kid shows(thanks to adultswim(dont worry ill address that later in much detail)). Now the first anime I got turned on to was (the original movies mind you) Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D, Ghost in the Shell, Akira, and Street Fighter 2(theres only 1 good verison of this). I remember that anime was supposed to be very hardcore, thats what I enjoyed about it so much, I mean when I want to watch something intended for mature audiences I want to to be completely twisted, violent, sick as can be(thats just my personal preference) along with an extremely good storyline, and not some cookie cutter verison of something, for instance lets take Rouroni Kenshin(sorry spelling error, but I cant even remember the cartoon network name verison) it followed the storyline of the original which is known as Samurai X, well they molested it in my opinion and it is no where as good as the OVA(which is what you should try to find in most of the anime in america is the good japanese verison). Now dont get me wrong I do enjoy adultswim, I very much prefer there original workings(venture bros,athf,metocalypse) but theyre anime they play isnt all that great, bleah and deathnote are good anime series, but adultswim is slackin, Most of you dont remember b4 adultswim they played anime movies at 12 pm on cartoon network on saturday nights, good ones usually. And Family Guy is garbage, I did like it but after it got so popular and I watched it more and more...its crap, but thats for a different time since it isnt anime and not related to the subject. Maybe I just feel am old school and dont like change, but The old school anime from the 80's and 90s(the anime movies/ series) just own all the stuff from 2000+, way better in almost every aspect and much more enjoyable. Anyone that feels the need to respond to this topic try not to flame(this isnt youtube, or a middle school playground as the internet seems to be now) so if you have any views on this please comment, and if you havent, go watch the movies I listed and try to watch some older shows/movies from back when(demon city, wicked city, genocyber, cyber city odeo 808, guyver, devilman, twilight of the dark masters, black magic, md geist, the list goes on and on....) before you comment here, and if you guys go looking through this stuff and try to dig around some anime and older ones heres a rule for you:if you end up with your hand in your pants in the first 10 mins, you just found hentai(hahah had to do it) and no, they dont have a good storyline ever! And if anyone from Manga reads this please give unto me your thoughts because I would like to know, thanks for taking the time to read this.

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