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So was there ever any pilots or translations made for the failed attempts to import the anime classic series ,
to the U.S.? Sadly that anime game made for ALBEGAS / CYBERNAUT in 1983 never had any real English dubbed footage. It was only 30 minutes of action scenes that you could pretend to shoot at with your Laserdisc player. Despite the fact that it barely got released in the US back then , this appears to be another reason why ALBEGAS was never used as VOLTRON 2 : The Gladiator Team after plans of using DALTANIOS failed. I have seen on YouTube etc the fan films about these and that early pilot that showed all 3 VOLTRON robots together , including DALTANIOS, unlike the early tv promo ads we used to see that instead showed ALBEGAS. So after all the years of fan talk and films etc about these classic anime robot shows, when can we finally expect to see some US anime company import them? Either that or with Voltes V's popularity, you would think by now COMBATTLER V would of already been translated, ya know, not counting those fan made films we see online. Seems like US anime importing xompanies spend too much time importing the new titles which dull in comparison to the importing the anime classics from the 1970's and 80's. We've seen a lot of these anime shows imported to Mexico & Canada etc. Sadly there is still too much prejudice from the U.S. networks against importing series and programs from outside the U.S..

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