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top ten rap/rock convertions

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 1.lollipop by lil wyne to lollipop by framing hanley2.umbrella by rihanna to umbrella by vanilla sky3.party like a rock star by shop boyz to party like a rock star by faymous4.a milli by lil wayne to a milli by sagefunk5. kiss kiss by chris brown to kiss kiss by abeyantambebalence6.drop it like its hot by snoop dog to drop it like its hot by fruity loops (i can actually here wat its saying and i hate it)8.soulja boy crank that to crank that by i set my freinds on fire9. cry me a river by justin timber lake to cry me a river by lostprophets10.lol ok what goes around comes back around by jutin timberlake to what goes around comes around by marilyn manson(oh yes!!)ok so 1 is the best vocal change and it goes down from there. but i give my props being that 10 is the hardest conversion to go from what marilyn does to what justin does i couldnt do that. the best i got for that s to swich from drawing humans to drawing animals im very bad at drawing animals. Any way feel free to cominet how ever you like

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