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Takeda's WWIV Story (Parts I & II) (Ghost in the Shell)

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Takeda's WWIV Story Part 1 (From Episode 13) Part A Scene 2 Takeda begins to tell the story. Takeda: "It was back in 2021 and the fourth world war was underway. Japan sent in troops from the Self Defense Army as part of United Nations peacekeeping forces. I was stationed on the Peninsula as part of a mechanized unit made up of Japanese, American, and British troops. Our commanding officer had been killed in the confusion of battle and we were told that he was being replaced. Hatsumi Shinobi was 22 and already a Colonel in the GSDA, quite impressive. She became our new commanding officer and I was assigned to her as her aide." The scene switches away from Takeda's cell to the jungles of Asia, where we see a small mechanized division of UN soldiers traveling through a ruined city. We see Hatsumi Shinobi with a younger prosthetic body walking with Masahiro Takeda, who appears younger. Shinobi is wearing a GSDA BDU without the helmet. She is also wearing black gloves which leave her digits exposed. She is carrying a Type 89 assault rifle with her custom Seburo M-5 holstered on the back of her belt. She is speaking with Takeda, who is also wearing a GSDA BDU with the helmet, however. Shinobi: "Lieutenant, what have you been able to pick up on their frequencies?" Takeda doesn't look at Shinobi but responds as he puts his hand up to his earpiece. Takeda: "Ma'am, I'm not picking up anything. They've probably run a trace program and might have back-hacked our communications." Shinobi glances over at a group of ruined residential apartment buildings. She speaks to an American soldier, who is walking with his American comrades. Shinobi: "Corporal, run another city wide scan for any cyberbrain activity that is not being used by our people." The American scoffs and responds. American 1: "Colonel, we've been scanning all day and we've turned up nothing. What makes you think that we'll find something now?" Shinobi seems somewhat angered but responds. Shinobi: "Just do what I tell you! No questions!" The American scoffs and continues to speak to the other Americans. Takeda glances at Shinobi and speaks. Takeda: "Colonel." Shinobi glances at him as he nods his head in their direction. Shinobi then angrily walks over to the American, grabs him by his combat vest, and puts him up against the wall. The rest of the mechanized squad continues to walk. Shinobi speaks to him in a threatening tone. Shinobi: "Different country or not, you will do as I say! On the battlefield, you don't get the luxury of a second chance! You get one and if you screw up, you can kiss your ass goodbye! Now, run that damn scan!" Shinobi violently releases him. He pants and nods his head, speaking as he does. American 1: "Yes, Colonel Shinobi." Shinobi glares at him as she turns to walk back to Takeda. Takeda speaks to her as she rejoins him. Takeda: "Everything okay, Colonel?" Shinobi slings her assault rifle over her shoulder as she speaks. Takeda and Shinobi continue to walk. Shinobi: "Yes. It's nothing, forget it." Takeda simply nods. He speaks to her. Takeda: "Ma'am, would mind if I asked you a question?" Shinobi looks at him and responds. Shinobi: "What is it?" Takeda speaks as he and Shinobi stop. Takeda: "Why was Major Kusanagi transferred out of our unit?" Shinobi seems surprised. She responds as she looks away. Shinobi: "I..." She doesn't finish speaking. Takeda continues to watch her. Shinobi then walks without him. They continue to walk until a missile from an RPG hits and destroys the multiped tank that was with the armored squad. We then hear gunfire and the UN troops all take cover along the walls alongside the street. Shinobi yells. Shinobi: "Take cover!" Alongside Shinobi and Takeda are 2 other Japanese soldiers, an American, and a British soldier. Shinobi sets her assault rifle down and removes her BDU shirt, revealing a black tank top and a silver pendant on a necklace. Shinobi then picks up her utility pouch belt and buckles it around her waist. She speaks as she loads her gun. Shinobi: "What do we have, Chamberlain?" Chamberlain, the British soldier, responds as the American, Takeda, and the two Japanese soldiers fire at the residential buildings. Chamberlain: "Colonel, we've got 3 maybe 4 guys held up in the south residential apartment building! Other than that, I can't tell!" Shinobi then takes a small instrument with a mirror and holds it up, trying to get a look at the residential buildings. A bullet hits the mirror and destroys it. She curses. Shinobi: "Shit!" The American who's with them shouts. Spencer: "Watch it, grenade!" Then, a grenade lands near Shinobi and Chamberlain. The American runs and kicks the grenade away from the squad. The grenade explodes and sends shrapnel into his leg. He shouts in pain and immediately falls to the ground, gripping his leg in pain. Takeda shouts. Takeda: "Private Spencer!" Takeda then runs over to Spencer and drags him back over to Shinobi's section of the armored squad. He leans Spencer against the wall and speaks. Takeda: "Hey, John! You're going to be all right!" Shinobi looks down at Takeda and Spencer after she fires at the buildings. Shinobi: "Lieutenant, is Spencer going to live?" Takeda doesn't look up, but takes off Spencer's BDU shirt and wraps it around the most severe wound on his leg. Takeda speaks. Takeda: "Yeah, he'll be fine! Colonel, we can't sit here and wait for them to kill us!" Shinobi grunts and aims her assault rifle. She fires at the buildings. Chamberlain throws a clip of ammo to one of the Japanese soldiers. They are also firing at the buildings. Shinobi yells to one of the Japanese soldiers, who has a sniper rifle. Shinobi: "Sakakibara! Take out that MG!" Sakakibara responds as he aims. Sakakibara: "You got it!" He fires and we follow the bullet as it burrows into the enemy machine gunner's forehead. Sakakibara speaks. Sakakibara: "Target eliminated, Colonel Shinobi!" We then see Sakakibara get hit by a round. He falls onto the ground dead and begins to bleed out. The other Japanese soldier yells. Honda: "Ryushi!" Shinobi responds as she loads another clip. Shinobi: "There's nothing we can do, Honda!" Shinobi looks over at the other half of her squad. She yells at the remaining Americans. Shinobi: "I need a sniper over here! Now!" Takeda then stands and fires his assault rifle at the buildings. He speaks to Shinobi, Chamberlain, and Honda. Takeda: "We've got trouble, Colonel! We've got a multiped tank due north of our position!" Shinobi nods and continues to fire. Chamberlain speaks. Chamberlain: "You sure, Lieutenant?" Takeda glances at Chamberlain and responds. Takeda: "Yeah!" We then see an American run over to Shinobi and take cover on the other side of Chamberlain. He is carrying a sniper rifle and has an RPG on his back. He notices Spencer sitting between Shinobi and Takeda and speaks. American 3: "Will John be all right?" Chamberlain responds. Chamberlain: "He's going to live! Can you take out that sniper on the north building?" The American nods and sets the RPG down. He takes aim and fires. We see a man fall in the buildings. Shinobi yells. Shinobi: "Private, what do we have left?" The American scans for a moment before being shot in the head. He falls to the ground and bleeds out. Shinobi grunts to herself. Chamberlain curses. Chamberlain: "Damn it! Colonel, we're getting ripped apart here! We've got to pull out!" Shinobi glares at Chamberlain and responds. Shinobi: "Chamberlain. this is the most defensively sound position! If we pull out, we'll be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire! We need to clear those buildings!" Chamberlain then grunts and is about to object, but Shinobi cuts him off. Shinobi: "Don't argue with me, Chamberlain!" She takes out a pair of binoculars and begins to scan the buildings. She spots 4 men with assault rifles and 1 with an RPG. Shinobi speaks as she scans. Shinobi: "We've got 4 with assault rifles and 1 RPG! Take out the assault rifles first so we can get out of pinning position! The RPG is not a concern right now!" Takeda then speaks to Honda. Takeda: "Honda! Hand me that sniper rifle!" Honda reaches over and grabs the sniper rifle off of Sakakibara's corpse. He quickly gives it to Takeda and returns fire on the buildings. Takeda then puts down his assault rifle and aims with the rifle. He fires and kills one of the 4 men. He gets back into cover and notices a flash in one of the opposing buildings. He sees a sniper aim for Shinobi. He drops the sniper rifle and pushes Shinobi out of the way. We see Takeda get hit by the bullet in his torso. He shouts in pain as he falls to the ground. Shinobi immediately crawls to him and rolls him over on his back. Shinobi speaks. Shinobi: "Masahiro!" Takeda grunts and responds. Takeda: "Don't worry about me, Hatsumi." Shinobi simply nods and looks over at Honda. She shouts to him. Shinobi: "Corporal Honda, see to Takeda's wound!" Honda nods and runs over to Takeda. He kneels and begins to treat his wound. Shinobi then picks up the sniper rifle and fires, killing the remaining 3 men. She immediately drops it and takes cover behind the wall. Chamberlain speaks. Chamberlain: "How are we looking for the tank, Colonel?" Shinobi glances over the wall and sees the tank approaching. It is about 150 meters away from their position. She returns her attention to Chamberlain and responds. Shinobi: "It's about 150 meters east of us. How many rounds does that RPG have?" Chamberlain leans over and picks up the rocket launcher and examines it. He responds as he hands it to Shinobi. Chamberlain: "She's got two rockets left, Colonel." Shinobi slings her assault rifle over her shoulder and slings the rocket launcher over her other shoulder. She speaks. Shinobi: "Let's hope I don't miss, Chamberlain." Chamberlain nods and Shinobi is about leave, but Spencer speaks. Spencer: "Hey, Colonel." Shinobi looks over at Spencer, who's taken 3 clips for a Type 89 assault rifle out of his ammo pouches. He speaks. Spencer: "Take these. HV rounds. Should prove useful against that tank." Shinobi takes her assault rifle and removes the current clip. She takes one of the HV clips and loads it into her gun. She takes the other two and puts them into a pouch on her belt. She responds. Shinobi: "Thanks, Spencer." Shinobi then leaps over the wall effortlessly and sprints through the rubble. She takes cover inside of a small collapsed building. She kneels and loads a rocket into the RPG. Shinobi then stands and peers her head out of the doorway. She spots the tank only 30 meters from her. She performs a SWAT turn to the other side of the doorway. She aims the RPG and pulls the trigger. The rocket plummets straight at the tank and hits the back port side of it, severely damaging it, but not stopping it. Shinobi silently curses to herself. Shinobi: "Damn." She then immediately leaps out of the building and sprints through the rubble to a pile of collapsed rubble. She leans on the pile and reloads the RPG. She then aims and fires another rocket. The rocket heads straight towards the rear of the tank. It hits its mark and the tank is immobilized. Shinobi then drops the RPG and wields her assault rifle. The tank's main cannon immediately turns and aims at Shinobi. She gasps and leaps out of the way as it fires. The cannon shell obliterates the rubble pile, but misses Shinobi. She immediately stands and sprints towards the tank in evasive maneuvers. She reaches the tank and leaps on top of it. She aims her assault rifle and braces herself. She fires and rips apart the tank's armor. She then reaches down and rips off the weakened operator's hatch. The operator is shocked as Shinobi pulls him out of the tank. He tries to shoot her with a pistol, but Shinobi grabs his wrist and snaps it, causing the operator to yell in pain. She then snaps his shin with her foot, causing him to fall onto the tank. Shinobi then removes a grenade from her belt and pulls the pin. She then tosses the grenade into the cockpit of the tank and immediately leaps off of it and sprints behind cover. The operator tries to aim his pistol with his other hand, but the grenade detonates. The tank explodes, killing the operator. Shinobi then notices the flash of the sniper's scope in the building. She immediately sprints towards the building, too fast for the sniper to get a lock on her. We see Shinobi running up staircases until she reaches the collapsed floors of the building. She sees the sniper still scanning the battlefield, completely oblivious to the fact that Shinobi is near him. We hear Shinobi barely breathing to herself as she slowly removes a combat knife from the sheath on her belt. She then reaches and grabs Motoko Shinobi's pendant. She holds it in her hand for a moment as she closes her eyes. Shinobi then releases the pendant and slowly peers her head around the corner. The sniper continues to scan. He has Honda in his sights and is about to fire. He then drops the rifle as Shinobi wraps her arm around his mouth. She then puts her combat knife to his throat, but doesn't kill him. She silently speaks in his ear as he tries to struggle. Shinobi: "You know, you killed two of my men today. One of them was from my native Japan. You mortally wounded another one of my men, also from Japan. However, I don't expect you to feel any remorse, right?" She starts to slide her blade across his throat as she finishes her statement. He quivers and grunts. She stops. Shinobi continues. Shinobi: "I'll tell you what, you join our side, and I'll let you live." He whimpers as Shinobi gently taps the blade against his throat. She still speaks softly. Shinobi: "How about it?" The sniper speaks in a quivering tone. Sniper: "How do I know I can trust you?" Shinobi softly chuckles and responds. Shinobi: "Don't know. It's your call." The sniper doesn't respond. Shinobi continues to slowly slide the blade across the sniper's throat. He whimpers as she does this. She continues to speak in a soft tone. Shinobi: "Let's consider that you did join up with us. You've killed someone's friend or buddy today. One of them was my friend. I don't think that you would be welcomed with open arms." The sniper finally speaks. Sniper: "Go to hell, bitch!" Shinobi then quickly and effortlessly slits his throat, killing him immediately. She then wipes her blade and sheathes the knife. She speaks to her squad via cybercom. Shinobi: "Area secure. I'm on my way." Takeda's story ends here. Takeda's WWIV Story Part 2 (From Episode 21) Part B Scene 1 We now follow Kusanagi and Takeda who are moving slowly through a run down part of Niihama. Takeda is limping slightly, due to his gunshot wound. Kusanagi seems somewhat frustrated with him. They continue until they pass an alley, where Takeda speaks. Takeda: "I need to stop for a minute." Kusanagi turns towards Takeda, who sits in the alley against the wall with shallow breathing. Kusanagi speaks to him. Kusanagi: "Takeda, there's no time. We have to move." Takeda responds. Takeda: "Go on without me, then." Kusanagi somewhat grunts in frustration and responds. Kusanagi: "My orders are to keep you with me. Come on." Takeda speaks as he checks his watch. Takeda: "I'm not full cyborg yet, Major. Bullet wounds still affect me. Let me rest for a moment." Kusanagi then sighs. She then sits across from Takeda and looks out into the street, ignoring him. Takeda breathes for a moment. Kusanagi doesn't look at him but speaks. Kusanagi: "Where'd you get that pendant?" Takeda looks at her. He thinks for a moment before responding. Takeda: "It was in 2022." Kusanagi looks at Takeda. We switch to a flashback of WWIV. We are in a ruined city and there is a light rain. There is already a firefight taking place and we see UN troops firing on various mercenary soldiers. We also see a multiped tank firing its machine gun at the mercenary soldiers. We then see Hatsumi Shinobi sprinting through the rubble. We see her wearing combat boots, her GSDA BDU pants with her utility pouch belt around her waist. We also see her pistol holstered on the back of her belt. She is wearing a black tank top with Motoko Shinobi's pendant around her neck. She doesn't have a helmet or BDU shirt. She is carrying a Type 89 assault rifle as she sprints. After a moment of sprinting, she stops and fires on a group of 3 mercenaries, killing each of them. She then slings the rifle over her shoulder and vaults over the ruined wall. We then see Takeda, Spencer, and 4 other UN soldiers taking cover in a ruined building. Spencer and Takeda glance over to see Shinobi hold her combat knife by the blade in her mouth. She then jumps on top of the wall and leaps on top of a low lying destroyed building. Spencer speaks to Takeda as he watches her. Spencer: "Man, what the hell's the Colonel doing? I swear, she's starting to lose it." Takeda notices and responds as he loads his gun. Takeda: "I know what you mean. If she keeps going around playing 'Rambo' like this, she's gonna get her ass greased!" Spencer responds as he continues to watch her. Spencer: "No shit." Spencer then speaks to the other 4 UN soldiers. Spencer: "Hey, greenhorns! I want you 4 to give Colonel Shinobi some covering fire!" One of the Americans responds as they all look at Spencer. Takeda is firing his weapon at a nearby building. Smith: "Why? Can't she take care of herself?" Spencer responds in a frustrated tone. Spencer: "Damn it, Smitty! You don't want her to end up like Dufrain, do you? Do as I say!" Smith simply nods. Spencer speaks to another American. Spencer: "Private! Hey, Private! Henry Marcus! Hank!" Marcus looks over at Spencer, who speaks to him. Spencer: "Where's our Jigabachi support?" Marcus simply responds. Marcus: "Don't know!" Spencer speaks as a few bullets whiz past their heads. They all duck. Spencer: "Well did you check!?" Marcus shakes his head. Spencer shouts at Marcus as Takeda gets down and reloads his gun. Spencer: "Do it!" Takeda speaks to Spencer. Takeda: "Any word from Honda or Chamberlain?" Spencer speaks as he notices Shinobi creep up on a group of soldiers with her knife wielded. Spencer: "Chamberlain's bringing squad C around from the south. Nothing from Honda yet." Takeda, Spencer, and the other 4 soldiers notice Shinobi drop down and kill the 4 mercenaries with her knife, utilizing martial arts as well. Smith speaks. Smith: "Man, she kicks so much ass!" Spencer speaks to him. Spencer: "Yeah, and you don't! You and Ito get over there and help out the Colonel. That's an order!" Smith immediately responds. Smith: "Yes sir!" Smith and Ito then leave, flanking around to give Shinobi support. The multiped tank then fires its main cannon at a building near Shinobi, causing her to crouch down for cover. Takeda shouts at the pilot. Takeda: "Moron! You're gonna hit Shinobi!" The tank then recieves fire from its port side, causing it to turn its attention from the building to its port side. Marcus speaks to Takeda. Marcus: "What happened, Lieutenant?" Takeda responds as he reloads his gun and begins to stand. Takeda: "Don't worry about it." Takeda then fires at the soldiers attacking the tank. He speaks to Spencer. Takeda: "Spencer, think I can borrow a party favor?" Spencer then hands a grenade to Takeda, speaking in a nearly humorous tone as he does. Spencer: "Don't blow yourself up." Takeda then pulls the pin and tosses the grenade at the soldiers. He shouts at the pilot of the tank as they all crouch. Takeda: "Watch it, Nakamoto!" The tank then backs away from the grenade, providing further cover for Takeda, Spencer, Marcus, and Hughes. The grenade explodes and we hear the soldiers scream. Rubble then falls in front of them. Spencer speaks as Nakamoto moves back to his original position and fires his main cannon. Spencer: "Seen better." Takeda responds. Takeda: "Didn't realize this was a contest, John." They then see Shinobi perform a handstand and gracefully drop off of the building, still with the knife between her teeth. Takeda speaks to Spencer. Takeda: "Hatsumi's just showing off now." Spencer speaks as he watches her. Spencer: "Well, she does have bragging rights. Where the hell is Chamberlain!?" We hear Marcus speak. Marcus: "There!" They all then look to see a squad of 6 men approaching them. They all take up cover with Takeda's squad. A soldier speaks to them. King: "Private Thomas King, A company, squad C, sir!" Spencer speaks. Spencer: "Cut the 'sir' crap, kid! No one's that polite out here. Where's Chamberlain?" King responds. King: "Who?" Spencer looks at Takeda, who glances at him. King's soldiers fire at building near Shinobi, almost hitting her. She shouts at them with anger. Shinobi: "Watch it!" Takeda speaks to Spencer. Takeda: "Great, now the FNGs got her all pissed off. This isn't going to be on my head." Spencer nods. He speaks to King. Spencer: "Where is Edward Chamberlain, your CO?" King responds. King: "He got hit on the way in. Had to get evacked." Spencer curses. Marcus speaks. Marcus: "What does that mean, Sarge?" Spencer is about to speak, but Takeda responds instead. Takeda: "It means that they're gonna follow my orders without question." Takeda speaks to King. Takeda: "Kid, you see that woman out there?" King and his squad all look to see Shinobi pinned down behind a pile of rubble. She has her head down and is covering it with her left arm while she holds her assault rifle with the other hand. King responds. King: "Yes sir!" Takeda speaks as Spencer, Marcus, and Hughes all fire at another group of soldiers. Takeda: "Take your men out there and pull her out! Her safety's everything! Get going!" King and his squad then begin to move out towards Shinobi. Takeda speaks to Nakamoto. Takeda: "Nakamoto, give the Colonel some covering fire!" The tank then fires at the soldiers who are suppressing Shinobi. They all cease to fire as Shinobi immediately runs towards them. King and his men are puzzled and begin to return back to Takeda's position. Takeda speaks. Takeda: "Goddamn it, Hatsumi!" Spencer speaks to Takeda. Spencer: "So what's new, Masahiro?" Takeda nods and speaks to Marcus. Takeda: "Private! Find out where Honda is with our Jigabachi support!" Marcus salutes and begins to transmit. Takeda, Spencer, and Hughes then fire at another building as an RPG fires near Shinobi. The explosion tosses Shinobi. She hits the ground, hard. King and his squad then take cover with Takeda, Spencer, Marcus, and Hughes. Takeda speaks to King. Takeda: "Where the hell is the Colonel!?" King responds. King: "Colonel?" Takeda grabs King by the shoulder and points at Shinobi as she crawls to safety. He shouts. Takeda: "Colonel Hatsumi Shinobi, dumbass! Your commanding officer!" King seems shocked. Takeda growls and releases him. He speaks to Spencer as Smith and Ito are seen shot dead. Takeda: "Spencer, come on! Looks like we've got to do everything ourselves!" Spencer then stands and follows Takeda out into the fray, speaking to Hughes as he does. Spencer: "Hughes! You're in charge for now!" We then see Takeda and Spencer then begin to dart towards Shinobi who is sitting behind a rubble pile. Another explosion knocks Takeda and Spencer off of their feet. They hit the ground. Takeda and Spencer then move to Shinobi's position. She speaks to them as they take cover next to her. Shinobi: "What the hell are you guys doing here!?" Takeda speaks as Spencer fires. Takeda: "Saving your ass, ma'am! Let's go!" Takeda, Spencer, and Shinobi then stand and sprint back towards Hughes and the rest of the UN soldiers. They take cover with the 8 soldiers and Nakamoto's tank. Shinobi speaks as the soldiers all look at her. Shinobi: "Where's Chamberlain?" King speaks to her. King: "He got hit on the way in, Colonel." Shinobi looks at him with a scowl, intimidating him. She responds. Shinobi: "Are you the squad leader who shot at me and bailed on me just now!?" King responds. King: "Yes, ma'am." Shinobi suddenly punches King in the face, causing him to hit the ground. Everyone is shocked. Shinobi then turns and leans between Spencer and Takeda. Spencer speaks to her as Takeda scans the battlefield. Spencer: "No word from Honda yet, Colonel." Shinobi doesn't look at him but responds as she checks her ammuntion count. Shinobi: "He'll be here, Spencer." Shinobi looks at the rest of the soldiers and speaks as she snaps her fingers and puts out her hand. Shinobi: "Ammo, now." They all shuffle for clips. Shinobi scoffs and drops her assault rifle. She then draws her custom Seburo M-5 pistol as she speaks. Shinobi: "Forget it." They all seem surprised. Shinobi looks at Spencer and Takeda. Spencer and the soldiers then fire on the building directly south of their position. Takeda looks at Shinobi and speaks to her. Takeda: "Are you all right, Hatsumi?" Shinobi responds as she looks at Takeda. Shinobi: "I'm fine. Address me as Colonel Shinobi while in the field and in the presence of others." Takeda nods and looks over the wall. Spencer and the soldiers cease to fire. Takeda glances at Shinobi, who's attention is taken by the south building. He speaks to her. Takeda: "Colonel, your necklace." Shinobi looks at Takeda for a moment before looking at her shirt, she feels around for the pendant, only to find it completely missing. She seems shocked and has a scared look in her eyes. She speaks in a nearly frantic tone. Shinobi: "Shit! No! Where is it!?" She then begins to look for it around her. The soldiers notice her and watch. Takeda and Spencer glance at each other. Spencer speaks to the soldiers. Spencer: "Keep shooting!" The soldiers then return their attention back to the building. Shinobi continues to search, almost tearful. She is clearly upset. Takeda speaks to her. Takeda: "Colonel, there's no time. We have to clear those buildings before Lieutenant General Kawashima arrives." Shinobi ignores him and continues to search. Takeda speaks. Takeda: "Colonel." Shinobi responds in a hurt tone. Shinobi: "Shut up, Masahiro! That pendant was a gift from my mother! It belonged to Motoko Shinobi!" She continues to search, now on her hands and knees. Spencer and a few soldiers flank around the east, while Hughes takes the rest around the west. Takeda gently grabs Shinobi's arm and pulls her away. She softly struggles against him, but eventually gives in. She has tears in her eyes and is extremely upset. She speaks as Takeda pulls her away. Shinobi: "No! Please!" Takeda grabs Shinobi and turns her around. He is holding her by both arms and is speaking to her in a serious and almost angered tone, trying to get her attention. Takeda: "Damn it, Hatsumi! Look at me!" Shinobi looks at Takeda with anger. She has tears in her eyes and one trickles down her cheek. Takeda continues. Takeda: "It's gone, Hatsumi! We can't do anything about it! I know it meant the world to you, but it's too late! We have an objective to achieve! You are a Colonel! An officer! You can't let your personal feelings get in the way! You taught us all that! It was the same when Major Kusanagi left! You have to let these things go!" Shinobi thinks for a moment. She then nods. Takeda then releases her and speaks. Takeda: "Come on." Takeda then turns and runs after Spencer and his men. Shinobi stands for a moment, thinking. She then sighs and glances behind her. Shinobi then follows Takeda. They catch up to Spencer, King, and the other 3 soldiers. Spencer speaks as they take cover next to him. Spencer: "We've got some trouble, guys." Spencer points at one building and then at another. He speaks as Takeda and Shinobi observe the buildings. Spencer: "We've got snipers there, and there." Shinobi takes a pair of binoculars from one of the soldiers as Spencer speaks to them. She searches and finds both snipers. They both seem to have trouble aiming with their rifles. Shinobi speaks as she continues to watch them. Shinobi: "They're rookies. Look at the way they're holding their rifles." Shinobi passes the binoculars to Spencer, who watches them for a moment before passing them to Takeda. Spencer sounds a curious grunt. Shinobi speaks as she loads a clip into her pistol. Shinobi: "We've got to get rid of them either way." Spencer speaks. Spencer: "How?" Shinobi cocks her pistol, causing a bullet to enter the chamber. The soldiers all look at her with confused eyes. Spencer speaks as Takeda ceases to observe with the binoculars. Spencer: "You're going to try and countersnipe them with that!?" Shinobi doesn't look at anyone but aims with her pistol for a moment as she speaks. Shinobi: "No. I am going to countersnipe them with this." They all are bewildered. Shinobi then stands and fires one shot. We hear one sniper grunt. We watch him fall to the ground. Shinobi then whirls around and fires one more shot at the other sniper, who grunts and falls. Her soldiers are shocked, except for Takeda. Shinobi takes cover again. King speaks to her with shakiness in his voice. King: "Colonel? How did you do that?" Shinobi doesn't look at King but responds as she removes a signal smoke flare from her belt. Shinobi: "It's called a full prosthetic body and fire control software." Shinobi speaks to Takeda. Shinobi: "Lieutenant? Where the hell is Honda?" Takeda looks at her and speaks. Takeda: "No word yet, ma'am. Lieutenant General Kawashima's envoy is en route as we speak." Shinobi curses. Shinobi: "Shit." Another soldier speaks to Takeda. Solider: "Who's Kawashima, Lieutenant?" Shinobi responds to him. Shinobi: "My commanding officer." They all look at Shinobi, who doesn't look at anyone. She then lights the smoke flare and tosses it behind her without looking. Shinobi then checks the ammuntion count in her pistol and speaks as she stands. Shinobi: "Takeda, King, you're with me. The rest of you, hold this LZ until Kawashima arrives. Let's go!" Takeda and King then follow Shinobi over the rubble pile. Shinobi sprints towards a collapsed building as Takeda and King try to keep up. The finally reach her as she speaks. Shinobi: "Takeda, flank around north! King, give me backup!" Takeda then leaves and Shinobi runs towards another group of soldiers. We follow Takeda who is cautiously moving through the battlefield. A grenade lands near him. He gasps and dives out of the way, only for the blast to deafen him for a moment. Takeda then stands and fires his assault rifle at the straggler who threw the grenade. The straggler is killed and Takeda continues to run. He reaches a building and takes cover on the corner. He is about to continue until a flash on the ground catches his eye. He stops and looks down to see a silver necklace and pendant in the mud. He kneels down and picks it up, cleaning it off. He immediately recognizes it as Hatsumi's pendant. Takeda sighs to himself and puts it in his pants pocket. He continues to run until an RPG rocket hits near him. Takeda is tossed by the force of the explosion. He hits the ground hard, knocked unconscious. We switch to his eyeview, where he slowly wakes to see Shinobi kneeling over him. There are other unknown UN soldiers standing about. Takeda grunts and Shinobi speaks to him. Shinobi: "How are you feeling, Lieutenant?" Takeda grunts again. Shinobi then helps Takeda up, with him using her as a support. She speaks to the soldiers. Shinobi: "I want a medivac for him now." Takeda responds, still somewhat groggy. Takeda: "No. I'm fine, Hatsumi." Shinobi looks at Takeda for a moment. She somewhat squints her eyes but helps carry him nonetheless. She sets him down next to Spencer, who is taking a drink from a bottle of water. Shinobi turns and walks towards a helicopter, where we see a somewhat younger Akira Kawashima wearing a GSDA military uniform with a male officer's cap. He also is wearing a trench coat. He turns and speaks to Shinobi. Kawashima: "Well Colonel?" Shinobi salutes and responds. Shinobi: "Sir, Intelligence believes there to be a nuclear device in the vicinity. However, my men and I found no trace of it." Kawashima sighs and nods. He glances away for a moment. Shinobi ceases to salute and simply stands, watching him. Kawashima speaks to her. Kawashima: "Colonel Shinobi, I understand that Master Sergeant Honda failed to arrive with Jigabachi air support. Is this correct?" Shinobi nods and responds. Shinobi: "Yes sir." Kawashima responds. Kawashima: "I see. I want you and your men to secure this sector and report to me when you have confirmation of the nuclear device. You understand, don't you?" Shinobi responds. Shinobi: "Yes sir. Understood, sir." Kawashima then nods and grunts. Shinobi bows to him as he walks away from her. The story ends with Takeda, who is holding Hatsumi Shinobi's pendant in his palm.

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