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stupid things i read on my calendar of funny things...

Yakuro_Kurosu's picture

-Radisson Welcomes infectious diseases.sign at a Radisson hotel in minnesota  -more than 600 guinea pigs were "liberated"in a raid. the activists conducted painstaking research- helped by a mole at the dvlafrom:the gaurdian(uk) -*EXPERIENCE:sous chef. Quit after nervous breakdown.*EXPERIENCE:I am a very capapable proofreader.from actual resumes -Radion host Tim kelly: What birthday does a bicentennial celebrate?contestant:err...kelly: i'll give your a hint. Centennial is one and bi means two.contestant:102? during a quiz segment on the tim kelly show today FM, dublin, ireland   -AUDITIONS: Seeking a young man who is at least 28 but not over 28 years old. classified ad in the HARTFORD(connecticut) courant (thanks to andrea grody)  -TV commentor Oz Clarke: so you  won the British Avant-Garde Hairdresser of the Year Award. What does that mean? Hairdresser: Well, its means i'm the British Avant-Garde Hairdresser of the year.on BBCI   -Talk show host Stephen Colbert: what are the ten commandments? Rep. Lynn A. Westmoreland (R-Georgie), who is sponsoring a bill in congress to require the display of the ten commandments in the U.S capitol: you mean all of them?__um__Dont murder.dont lie. dont steal. Um__I cant name them all    -TISSUES OF PUPPYslogan oon a japanese tissue box-which has a puppy on it.  -www.whorepresents.com   ...whore...presents...what they meant was a web address for who represents www.expertsexchange.com ...expert on a sex change?....no no, what they meant was a web address for experts exhchange programmers  actual domain names  -SILENT PLANE WOULD CUT AIRPORT NOISEcnn.com headline  -*i cried about a steak sandwich one time.* drink ornage juise because it's good for you.*sometimes i feel like a 3 foot tall,poverty-stricken, homosexual, handicapped, 50 year old muslim woman with AIDS.*i dont kno what the word"urban" means anymore. random excerpts from actor <acaulay Culkins book junoir.  ... Well thats all i've seen on my calendar of funny things...i couldnt tell what the others meant cuz they really didnt make no gawd damn sense to 15 year old mind...    

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