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       Sakura the Elite Goddess-Sakura was a goddess of time and love the only two things a japanese male god would allow her to have so she decided to go with what she was given.        One day she passed an old wise man who stopped her while she was walking on the time streem.Sakura "what are you doing here you are just a feeble man."        But the man just looke touched her forhead and she fell asleep.  She woke up years later, she looked around and travel the time streem was different in fact every thing was diferent what had she done allowing herself to fall asleep.          When aruseusu,God (or Lord of time and space) came upon the streem in his animal form.Aruseusu "00310230599140 043002817 8974389700132878 7893279017" Sakura "what"Aruseusu "20447"Aruseusu transformed into human like beingAruseusu "Sorry you have not learned Siant Language yet. You have fell asleep on the job and since I can not trust you now since you are a threat to time and space."Sakura "Its not my fault an old man did this to me"Aruseusu "DAMN YOU. *sigh  she wasnt supposed to REMEMBER!!! You just brought more pain into the matter.  Street Fighter II Champion EditionOnline Games    (continued)

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