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Darkenedlight1's picture

Hey guys I think the title says quite a bit.
I think that these bills being proposed are a serious issue and I believe that they need to be stopped in there tracks.
Look at what they did to Megaupload, sure the site had its problems but the whole site was NOT illegal.
I think people around the world need to be aware of this and I think we need to oppose it. Not everyone will agree with me on this but those people are ignorant of the ramifications of this issue. It is something that AFFECTS EVERYONE and it is serious. It violates our rights and affects the whole world, the governments are desperate to get their hands on the internet more than they do now, and the corporations are in support of them, not all but a good number. 
Please spread the word about this issue and let's bury SOPA and PIPA and any other bills like them six feet under. Look it up online while you still can and inform yourself and other on this issue thats exactly what I'm doing.
Paranoid? No, sensible.

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