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What character (from games, anime or manga) do you mostly rolelpay in Forums, chats, etc and why?

I mostly roleplay my OC's, Tohru Honda(FRUITS BASKET), Tifa Lockhart(FFVII), Paine FFX-2), Fran(FFXII), or Yuuki Kuran(Vampire Knight).

OC's= because most of them are awesome!!
Tohru Honda= Because I love Kyo and Yuki and I wish there were no certain boundaries!
Tifa Lockhart= because she's a kick ass person and I love actions(sometimes)!!!
Paine= Because she's just a kick ass person! The baddest of the bad on FFX-2!!!!!
Fran= because I still think she's going to end up with Baltheir at the end of FFXII and I love Baltheir!
Yuuki Kuran= because she's going to marry Kaname and has and awesome scythe! I love scythes more than I love swords. I love them more than I love sharp things!

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