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Pretty Sure This Anime Is Manga Title....?

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So I was on an anime forum earlier when some one looking for an anime title, after giving the description no one really answered, and after I read the description, nothing really clicked, then I had realized what anime it was. however I could not recall the title either, but one of the first things that came to mind was clips of it that montage(which has a song by KFMDM if I am not mistaken) at the beginning of any MANGA vhs tapes and which is still available to watch on MANGA dvd's or at least some that still have this montage available for play, and at the end of the credits it's shown in one of the slides for advertising the titles with a bit more detail I am sure. So I thought I would check here in the titles list, but I saw nothing resembling it, though I noticed some other titles I knew were MANGA that aren't on the list.  Here's the description the other guy used on the other forum, detailed enough and I won't have to write my own "The setting is in a post apocyliptic world (which we find out in the anime is from a battle between earth and the moon/mars, so plenty of burnt stuff) on earth. The main character is a teen age guy who is the only person able to or learns how to pilot a huge mecha, extremely close to gundam mechanics with energy swords and guns etc. There are a TOTAL of 4 mechas in the whole anime, white one being the main guys mech, a black/darkish purple belonging to the bad guy and a red and a blue mecha that are only controlled by an AI. In this world there are two human factions trying to take this one big city that houses a royal family of some sort. As far as i can remember, a coup has already occured and the bad faction is holding the royal family hostage while the good faction tries to mobilise troops to rescue the royal family. Regarding the mechas, the good guys mecha retains the memory of the former pilot who is now deceased while the bad guys mecha still has the bad guy alive after like 500 hundred years or something like that, the bad guy has some metal tentacles on his back or head (maybe replacing hair). The two AI controlled mechas are guardians of a building in an area where no one has gone to investigate has ever come back. We find out at the end that this building allows the earth to be "reborn" into a new lush world, enabling the earth to progress from a "young" earth to a "middle aged" earth. Besides the two factions, there is a third neutral and only shown much later in the anime, human faction. This third faction are the survivors of some nuclear holocaust or fall out, they are all mutated in different extents, and ally themselves to the good guys much later in the anime. A strong card they posses is a rather large device that is housed in a totem of some sort (if i remember) and allows them direct control of all the satellites left over from the war orbiting the earth, the one satellite used in the anime was like a laser one that shoots down a nuclear missile. And finally one last plot thing in the anime is some sort of virus or plague that infects people and turns them into like fast moving zombies, but they arent human munching nor are they decayed in any way, they look like brown/yellow chameleon skinned vampires" Any guesses anyone?

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