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Okay three questions about The Dark Knight!!

Darkenedlight1's picture

Question one - Who was you favorite chacter and why.Question two - Would you be pissed off if they made another one?Question three - What was your least favorite part of the movie?My favorite character was totally The Joker!!!!! I found him absolutly delightful to watch and really sexy! I thought he carried the movie entirely on his own and his acting was phenomenal I just loved him.The chacter was powerful, twisted, funny, sane, totally free and immensely intelligent. Its really too bad he (Heath Ledger) is gone he had an amazing amount of talent and he could really act.I've heard rumors that they're already starting another Batman and quite frankly it makes me really upset. Why? Because Heath Ledger's acting ,along with the other actors which I thought were good as well but not in the same level as Ledger, made this batman movie (and I've seen quite a few) the best one in the history of Batman and all these people care about is making money so they're making more movies I think they should seriously consider letting Batman rest with that phenomenal movie.I didn't like that the ferries (at least one of them anyway) didn't blow up. I'm firmly of the mind that in real life they would have, Joker was mostly right in all the statements he made during the movie, heed his words they aren't far off. Anyway this is just my opinion I hope no one takes any offense as I meant none. (except for the stupid money grubbing movie makers I meant it there).

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