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New Idea P.S. tell me what u think

Aruseusu's picture


Thinking of topics. P.S. really bad. Ok In A Time of Despair...All Was Left To Evil, Nothing to the Forces of Good...Tika a little boy, had his mother takin from these people,but what was he supposed to do.     HE HAD TO FIGHT. FOR HIS RIGHT.. HIS RIGHT FOR THE DESTINY of the world. He built SASUSKE-NIKA. A Giant Robot (alive) To help take Evil and search for his mother.         While his pet nika actually works on SASUSKE-NIKA Tika set out to search a city calledDel.Ici.ous Pe.op.le     P.S.#2 DONT ASK ABOUT HIS FATHER.   P.S.#3 UMM IM WORKING ON THE SISTER THING

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