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Need help! finding a specific anime

Creed667's picture

Hi guys and galsi could really need a hand finding a specific anime i watched oce when i was quite young.alle i kinda remember of this movie, is a young girl, who wares a special neckless, and (in my minds eye) som kind of stonegiant how helps this girl with somthing - because of the neckless she wares. i remember a sceen where the both of them are flying in the sky with coulds all around,(we see them from above them) with more of these stonegiants.There is somthing about the link between the giant and the neckless...i think i watched this anime like 20 years ago when i was living in england as a child ... i also thing i remember somthing about a flying mountain or maybe its a flying castle or some large building.. Well if you guys canhelp me out i will be very greatfull Yours Christoffer

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