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Naruto 603 Vol 60 Rehabilitation

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Read Naruto 603 Vol 60 Rehabilitation online
Damn, beat me to it.meh chapter
Well I guess we now know that Obito played Madara for a long time after all. (he had long hair)
obito looks cool with long hair. that definitely explains a lot of the itachi and "madara" flashbacks.
well... Obito's hair is getting longI guess this also explains how obito gets tall...
Seems we've met the real Tobi. Odds when Rin dies that Obito merges with Tobi too much and thus ''matures'' with the superior body and brain.
From the final battle we get to a flashback about poo?!
Can anyone tell me who Itachi spoke to when he sought help in dealing with his clan? If I remember correctly, that guy he spoke to had a mask with long hair and a lot taller than him, too. Was that the real Madara, then?
Read Naruto 603 Vol 60 Rehabilitation online

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