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Manga/Anime Investigation HELP us!!!

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We go on Jämshög College in Sweden. We are studying for becoming youth workers. We are working on a essay about manga/Anime and we would need your help, so if you could answer some questions about the manga/anime, it would be grateful.
We say thank you in advance for your reply to questions
Gender: Man or women
Read manga?
Watch anime?
 Painting anime cartoons?
Other? what then
1.      1. What is manga for you?
2.       2.What got you to start with manga/anime?
3.       3.What role does manga have for you?
4. A. What is/are manga/anime series means the most to you?
  B. Why do they mean a lot to you?
  5. Is there any speciel genre that interests you?
  6. How do others people treat you (then they don’t have the interest in manga/anime?)
  7. Manga has become popular among many young people! Why do you think it has become so popular?
  8. Is there any specific location/gathering place for young people who are manga/anime interested to meet? Where? (physical        location,    social media, etc.)
 9. What are the positive sides to engage in manga/anime?
 10. What are the negative aspects of engaging in manga/anime?
 11. Is there anything else you want to say about manga/anime?
Thanks for answering our questions, thank you very much!!!

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