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Manga Role Play: (Introduction by Zaborg19 ) "The War with The Vampire Democracy"

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Okay... here is the new role play that I mentioned would be starting.  It is using the same introduction that Zaborg19 made which I copied & pasted below.However we are requesting that when you post replies that you only use the "Post New Comment" to do so.  This is to keep the story going smoothly and not get so confused and to keep the textboxes from shrinking in size.    Dewa Mata,Niji Hana "Innoscence Activate!"http://www.playlist.com/nijihana Introduction Written by Zaborg19—December 7, 2008 In the year 2232, the world has reverted back to it's 'Dark Ages'. Much technology has been lost ever since Oil ran out and Terrorist Attacks from an organization known as "Black Death" destroyed most all sources of power. Factories could not operate to create weapons, so swords, shields, and other metal weapons were created. At this time, the legends and myths of the world including Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, etc came out of nowhere so the world suddenly fell into fear. Many monsters already looked human. They are harmless during the day, but at night they FEED.               Rebellions were made to stop these monsters. Some monsters even created Rebellions. Since their are now so many guilds, rebellions, and so-called Governments were in the world, most are un-known. The three biggest that the whole world knew were the government called "The Vampire Democracy" in which a group of vampires created a kingdom ruled by one family. They have seized most of the Western side of the world. Their army is massive. They are made up of many sorts of monsters and humans alike. They even have spies all over the place. No rebellion or guild has even made a 'dent' in what they have established. The rulers are said to be the most powerful Vampires and most powerful Monsters of all time. The next is known as "Werewolves X" or for short "WWX". Their Werewolf exclusive group helps to keep track of who is in their guild. Everyone is required to know each other so that is why their numbers are few but they only accept the most powerful of Werewolf. Some say that this group alone could bring down "The Vampire Democracy". But they have no interest in Vampires. All they care about is power and not status. The final is known as "Guild of Extraordinary Warriors". This group is a large underground group that was created to destroy all monsters in the world. They only accept Humans to be in their guild so their are a number of tests they make their members be put through. But that is the only requirement. Most human-only rebellions are sub-guilds connected to "Guild of Extraordinary Warriors". They live underground and have underground refugee cities in which are protected. All monsters know of this mighty guild, but not where they are. And a group that is beginning to get recognized is "The Black Brotherhood". Not much is yet known about this group, but they say its a very small but powerful guild that is filled with both human and monsters alike to bring down The Vampire Democracy. But they also believe that Monsters and Humans must live together. Or so they say... Let the RPG begin….    

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