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Make Your Own Creature =3

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Heres My Format Im Doing A Wolf Name:RozaAge:5 YearsGender: FemaleHeight:4' 5"Weight:110 Pounds Eye color: Black Fur color: GrayPersonality Description:She's Shy And Very Easy To Talk To. If She Doesn't Run Away Shell Be A Good Friend To Have Around. Also She's Very Shy Around Guys Especially The Alpha. She Doesn't Like To Fight Ether.If She Can She Try's To stay out of the hunting party.History: The Reason She's So Shy Around Guys Is Because She Never Really Been In A Pack And Her Father Treated Her Poorly. She's Been Beatin' Before So She's Used To Being Yelled At But As Used To As she Is she still gets mad and sad about it. When she Was little she refused to eat fresh meat because it smelled horrible to her So she learned the hard way to eat meat so she eats it but she doesn't kill it.Also She Hate it when she gets annoyed but so far she's controlling her temper.She Killed Once And She Loved It But She Swore never To do That again. All in all she's just a big friendly wolf who doesn't like to kill or hurt anything.  (must be at least 4 sentences)Image URL or attachment

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