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MACRON 1? a ROBOTECH / VOLTRON Crossover? + Futuristic version of PATLABOR soon to come out? MISSION OUTERSPACE : SRUNGLE

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Not all translations done back during the 70's & 80's were perfect to say the least. Recall stuff like Saban's MACRON ONE , where they remixed the classic GOSHOGUN with MISSION OUTERSPACE : SRUNGLE ? 2 totally unrelated series. Kinda their attempt at "VOLTRON meets ROBOTECH" one might say. But I read recently a new company got the rights to redub the series SRUNGLE more accurately & call it GORILLA FORCE. Does anyone else know anymore about this? I read they didnt get the rights however to redistribute GOSHOGUN again. That's great that MISSION OUTERSPACE : SRUNGLE will finally get a better translation like other countries got years ago. I often thought SRUNGLE reminded me kinda like a futuristic version of PATLABOR , dont you think? With some of the quality we saw in Armoured Trooper VOTOMS. That's a shame VOTOMS was never English dubbed completely. It would of sold a lot more. Anyhow the new company that says they plan to redub Srungle also claimed to have the rights to release ACROBUNCH , J-9 I - BRYGAR (COSMO RUNNER) , J-9 II - BAXINGER (COSMO RANGER) , J-9 III - SASSURAIGER (WONDER SIX) #1-43 , MOBY DICK 5 (WHITE WHALE MU) & 2 anime I didnt recognize they call WILD 7 & WILLY THE ROBOT KID? I was wondering if this is the same new company that recently released NINJA ROBOTS (TOBIKAGE)?
This new company doesnt appear it may be 100% loyal to doing accurate dubs with these name changes. It sounds like they are trying to get these & other older anime titles on weekday broadcasts maybe? Does anyone else know anything about this new company translating anime? I can provide their links if it is allowed here but with respect for MANGA, I'd better find out 1st if its ok to share their info etc.

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