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Looking for similar Mangas to Vinland Saga



I am currently reading Vinland Saga and am loving it. So I was just wondering whether anyone knows of any other similar mangas?

For those who do not know of Vinland Saga or what I am looking for: It's an epic tale about Vikings (other manga's don't have to be about Vikings). Has mild to strong violence and great humour at times. I don't mind sex/nudity but I don't want it to be a main theme nor do I want a romance manga :P. If possible, it should also be somewhat philosophical or have at the very least a deeper meaning (but if you think it is still a great manga just mention it anyway). And last but not least, it would be a great plus if that manga were completed (Vinland Saga is not and takes at least a month to release a new chapter). I don't mind if a new chapter is released every week OR a couple of chapters once a month. :D

Any ideas?


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