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LOL!!! what makes you laugh so much that you cry?

xXxMorbidLovexXx's picture

Well it's basically what the title says!! Just put down the name of the comedian/person  (doesn't have to be a  comedian) and what made you "laugh so much you cried"!! easy enough right? I guess i should start, huh? ok well here goes!! Dane Cook "Umm, Hello!?"Then you gotta exchange the information right?That sucks cuz nobody ever has a fucking pen. You stand there. Do you have a pen- I don't have a pen...Can you remember all my shit? Do you have a lipstick or something? A crayon? Right? So when you finally... here's what happens. You finally get information going and you print your stuff nice and clean. There you go..there's my. I highlight. Everything's nice. You give him the... there you go. It's in an envelope. Ugh yeah. Nice and - But then you get their information and it looks like, they were having a fucking seizure while writing it. You're like dude you got like a 28 digit phone number going on here buddy.And under name you drew a picture of a monkey fucking a coconut. What is that? Is your name Monkey fucking a coconut sir? MFC? is that you?MFC? That's a monkey... that could be a melon looks like a coco-nut

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