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Latest Manga Updates:Naruto 599,One Piece 679,Bleach 505

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Latest Manga Updates:Naruto 599 Vol 60 Obito Uchihahttp://www.mangaboxroom.com/manga/naruto/599/Fairy Tail 296 Vol 26http://www.mangaboxroom.com/manga/fairy_tail/296/One Piece 679 Vol 60 Determination G-5http://www.mangaboxroom.com/manga/one_piece/679/Bleach 505 Vol 53http://www.mangaboxroom.com/manga/bleach/505/Kimi no Iru Machi 195 Vol 19 Goya Nighthttp://www.mangaboxroom.com/manga/ki...iru_machi/195/Katekyo Hitman Reborn 399 Vol 39http://www.mangaboxroom.com/manga/ka...an_reborn/399/

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