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Kusanagi and Takeda paired up. Ghost in the Shell.

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Part A Scene 2We are now inside of Aramaki’s office, where we see Kusanagi, Batou, Togusa, and Takeda. Everyone except for Takeda is seated, who is leaning against the wall, smoking. Aramaki speaks.Aramaki: "So, our assassin tried to kill the Chief of Ground Staff the other day."Kusanagi speaks.Kusanagi: "Yes, Takeda and I cornered him and nearly captured him. However, Shinobi split Takeda’s attention and that lost us the assassin."They all look at Takeda, who glances at them. He speaks in an annoyed tone and scoffs.Takeda: "Please."He continues as he puts out his cigarette in the ashtray.Takeda: "If I hadn’t told her not to run after him, she’d be dead now. You’re welcome."Aramaki simply speaks to them.Aramaki: "Nevertheless, this investigation continues. The Chief of Ground Staff is out of town for today visiting family, so General Hamauzu’s safety takes top priority. Major, Takeda; I want you two to continue after our perp. Batou and Togusa will protect General Hamauzu until Shinobi returns tomorrow. Get to it."They all then leave. We follow Kusanagi and Takeda as they enter the parking garage. Kusanagi speaks as she walks towards her car.Kusanagi: "I’ll drive."Takeda responds.Takeda: "No, I’m driving. Don’t argue with me, Kusanagi."Kusanagi stops, turns, and looks at him with an intense glare. He puts on his sunglasses and proceeds to his vehicle. He looks for his keys and cannot find them. He growls in frustration. Kusanagi speaks.Kusanagi: "Takeda, I’m driving."He whirls around to see Kusanagi tossing his keys into the air. He scowls as he walks over to Kusanagi’s car. He gets into the passenger’s seat and Kusanagi climbs into the driver’s seat. She starts the vehicle and pulls out of the parking garage. She gives him back his keys as they drive down the expressway. Takeda speaks.Takeda: "You know, cops don’t steal."Kusanagi ignores him. Takeda then looks out of the passenger’s window. Kusanagi glances at him and notices the pendant around his neck. She says nothing. They arrive at the scene of where the assassin attacked Shinobi. They climb out of Kusanagi’s car and look towards the buildings that the assassin escaped to. Takeda speaks.Takeda: "Well, what are you thinking?"Kusanagi walks up to Takeda’s side and responds.Kusanagi: "Come on."They then proceed towards the buildings. Takeda is in front of Kusanagi, who is keeping a close eye on him. He looks around for any trace of the man, but finds nothing. They round the corner to see a suspicious man in an alley. He is about the same height and build as the assassin. Kusanagi doesn’t speak. Takeda carefully cocks his pistol and they walk towards the man. He looks over and speaks.Man: "What do you two want?"Takeda speaks.Takeda: "Police, we just want to ask you a few questions."Kusanagi grunts and shifts her eyes at Takeda, who somewhat shrugs as he glances at her. The man speaks.Man: "I’m not talking to any cops! So you and Shinobi can go to hell!"Takeda and Kusanagi seem surprised. Kusanagi speaks.Kusanagi: "What do you know of the recent attacks on her?"The man chuckles and responds.Man: "Didn’t you hear me? I’m not talking."Takeda then shoots his pistol, hitting the man in the leg. He groans in pain and falls, clutching his leg. Kusanagi shouts at Takeda.Kusanagi: "What are you thinking!?"Takeda puts his pistol away as he walks towards the man. Takeda speaks.Takeda: "He’ll live. I can make him talk."Takeda then grabs the man by his hair and puts him against the wall. He speaks.Takeda: "I’m not really a police officer. My name is Masahiro Takeda, the man who’s been trying to kill Shinobi. This woman is my accomplice. There was a man in black with a sword that came through here the other day. Him and I are partners and I just want to know which way he went. If you don’t tell me, I’m going to kill you."The man responds.Man: "He went west, saying something about the Fujishima Warehouse."Takeda then speaks.Takeda: "Thanks."He then slams the man’s head into the wall, knocking him unconscious. Takeda then drags him and sets him upright against the wall. He turns back to Kusanagi, who is glaring at him. Takeda speaks as he walks past her towards her car.Takeda: "Don’t give me that crap. You want to keep her alive, right?"Kusanagi then follows Takeda back to her vehicle. They climb into their respected seats. Kusanagi’s car pulls off towards the warehouse. We are inside of Kusanagi's car, where we see Takeda about to light a cigarette. Kusanagi looks over at him with a scorned look in her face. Takeda notices. He grumbles in frustration and puts the cigarette back in the pack, replacing the pack inside of his jacket. He then stares outside of the passenger window. We have arrived in front of a large industrial warehouse, where we see construction workers and the like going about their activities. Kusanagi's car stops in front of the main gate. She and Takeda then climb out of the vehicle. Kusanagi speaks.Kusanagi: "Don't do anything stupid."Takeda simply lights up his cigarette and walks with Kusanagi up to the warehouse manager. He turns around and speaks to them.Manager: "Good afternoon. What can I do for you?"Kusanagi flashes her Section 9 identification at the manager. She speaks.Kusanagi: "We're here looking for a man. Maybe you've seen him."The manager seems surprised but responds nonetheless.Manager: "Could you describe the man?"Kusanagi is about to speak, but Takeda interrupts her first.Takeda: "Relatively tall. Strong build. Wears a black military battle uniform and is carrying a sword. Have you seen him or not?"Kusanagi glares at Takeda as the manager thinks for a moment. Takeda notices Kusanagi and looks at her with a neutral expression. He doesn't speak but exhales smoke before flicking away his cigarette. The manager speaks.Manager: "I did see a suspicious man creeping around the north end of the building about 2 hours ago. Can't say for certain if he's still there, though. You can check if you want."Kusanagi simply responds as she and Takeda walk past him.Kusanagi: "Thank you, sir."After a few moments, Kusanagi stops Takeda. She speaks in a somewhat frustrated tone.Kusanagi: "From now on, you don't speak. Understand?"Takeda looks at Kusanagi with somewhat stern eyes. He responds as he removes his sunglasses.Takeda: "As you wish."They continue to walk until they reach the north end of the building. They round the corner to see no one in sight. Takeda walks forward to the wall and kneels down, examining the area. He notices some boot tracks that appear fresh in the mud. He looks up at the window and speaks to Kusanagi, not looking at her.Takeda: "Come here and give me a boost, Kusanagi."Kusanagi looks at the window as she walks up to Takeda. She speaks.Kusanagi: "If you got a prosthetic body, you wouldn't have to rely on me."Takeda looks at Kusanagi with somewhat of a scowl. He responds.Takeda: "I'm not dead yet. Besides, it's unethical."Kusanagi simply shrugs and kneels down, cupping her hands together. Takeda then places one foot in her hands and grabs the windowsill with his hands. She suddenly flips Takeda into the window. He somewhat yells as he falls through it. We hear him hit the floor. Kusanagi then effortlessly leaps through the window, landing next to Takeda, who is getting back on his feet. He scowls at Kusanagi, who somewhat smiles. They look around to see a large room filled with industrial crates, forklifts, and other machinery. The room is void of people besides them. Takeda speaks to Kusanagi.Takeda: "He's in here somewhere. I would suggest that we split up and search, however, since you're the boss."Kusanagi removes her pistol and cocks the chamber. She responds as she heads to the right.Kusanagi: "You head to the left and keep your eyes open."Takeda cocks his pistol and walks down the left passage. We follow Kusanagi, who is cautiously moving around the crates with her pistol drawn and ready. She glances up in the rafters and sees nothing but darkness. She somewhat squints her eyes and grunts silently. She continues to carefully move until she comes to a dead end. Kusanagi stops and glances behind her to see nothing. She then leaps on top of the crates, only to see nothing. She then begins to carefully walk across the crates, keeping an eye out for anything unusual. She notices Takeda about 20 meters away from her, still on the ground floor. He is walking cautiously, also being careful for anything suspicious. Kusanagi is about to take a step, until she hears a sword slowly unsheathe. Her eyes become somewhat wide. She then rolls out of the way as the masked assassin swings his katana at her. He then performs a back flip back into the rafters. Kusanagi follows him with her eyes. She aims her pistol and fires once, hitting the assassin in the leg. The assassin grunts with a female voice and falls from the rafters. The assassin hits the floor with a thud. Kusanagi immediately jumps down from the crates and runs over to the assassin, who is about to remove a pistol. She slams her foot on her wrist, causing her to release her pistol. Takeda then comes running from around a corner. He then kicks the katana and the pistol away from the assassin, aiming his pistol at her. Takeda doesn’t break his stare. Kusanagi also aims her pistol at the assassin, who is struggling to get free. Kusanagi speaks in a demanding tone.Kusanagi: "Who are you?"The assassin responds with strain in her voice.Assassin: "Shinobi."Kusanagi scowls at the woman. Takeda simply stands there. Kusanagi speaks.Kusanagi: "You’re trying to kill her. Who are you?"The assassin simply chuckles. Takeda growls in frustration. He kneels down and rips off the assassin’s mask and balaclava. Kusanagi and Takeda are shocked to see that the assassin has Hatsumi Shinobi’s prosthetic body. The assassin speaks.Assassin: "I told you. I am Shinobi."Takeda becomes angered and grabs the assassin by her hair, holding her roughly. He speaks in a threatening tone.Takeda: "Hatsumi doesn’t refer to herself as ‘Shinobi’! If you were Shinobi, we wouldn’t have caught you so easily. Besides, that’s not her sword or pistol. So, out with it!"The assassin struggles but responds.Assassin: "Go to hell, Takeda! I know who you are!"Takeda releases her and is about to shoot her in the head. Kusanagi gasps and pushes his arms out of the way, causing him to shoot a crate. He glares at Kusanagi as she places the assassin under arrest and puts her cyberbrain in lockdown. Kusanagi glares at Takeda immensely as she speaks in a threatening voice.Kusanagi: "I don’t know what the hell you are thinking, Takeda! This is the person we’re after! You can’t just go and kill our perp out of anger, do you understand?"Takeda growls in frustration but nods nonetheless. Kusanagi then slings the assassin over her shoulder and walks towards the entrance to the warehouse. Takeda simply follows as he puts his gun away, ending the scene here.

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