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Inuyasha Different Versions?


I've looked everywhere on the internet to find the answer to this question and it seems like there is no answer out there. A year ago I remember when reading the inuyasha manga series that there was a lot of cussing and they didn't use stupid phrases or words to censor it like "Witch" or "Knock it off" when Inuyasha called Kogame a bitch or told her to shut the fuck up. I ordered a bunch of inuyasha books and everything was censored. In the one I read a year ago they called the Jewel the Shikon no Tama, and instead of Kagome telling Inuyasha to "Sit" she said "Osuwarki" or something like that. And the beginning to some chapters were in color instead of the whole book being in black and white. Can anybody tell me how to find the uncensored version?
Here's some examples of what I read a year ago
And by the way, I don't want the uncensored version because I like seeing curse words. Its because it makes the story seem more real. Thats the shit half demons would say instead of cheesy and obvious clean up lines.

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