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I'm torn between my friends and I have no idea what to do

Deishoma_Ishitake-Dojima X3's picture

The thing is, I made a new friend a while ago at school, but only to find out that my one of my other friends can't stand him what so ever. So, we've tried to keep the peace, only to have the rest of my friends tell me that my new friend is not only annoying them, but is creeping them out too and quite frankly, I feel like he's not giving me enough space, since he's almost always beside me. I've tried telling him how my friends feel, but he doesn't really listen to me, and so far I'm tearing my hair out because now he's annoying me. So, the problem is, I have to find a way to tell him to back off without offending him, or else my friends will take it to a higher level, but since he's kind of stubborn, I don't know how to tell him.

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