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I'm sorta bringing this back to from the first two years of this forum

iceman13c's picture

Ok me and on of my old friends started this im too lazy to pull it out again but you make a bleack character with any power and ability and we make a fan fiction of it it will be fun
and alucard if you had then time pull this out of the grave yard

First discribe your character and its powers.... he/she can not be invincible and can die

Once anyone who enters asstablishes these the story will begin ok... oklets start...

My charaCTER WAS AKIRA he was a rouge shinigami turned arancar and (i forget the name for them but i can control a sort of spirit off myself). I can control my own blood i have bankai and when i turn into it i get blood spiked armor with my zambacto turning from a rope and spear head to a ball and chain made out of the ultra hard armor. My arancar part is over my moth and forhead making a bone headband similar to a naruto metal headband and that mouth guard made of solid bone with blood filled stripes leading to the mouth. his eyes are red and hair silver with red tips.....
your turn

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