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an idea i had..

nah's picture

every1 pool ideas for a script for an anime, like a game u could make a character or suggest a plot and we could write it out like a real film with people doing stuff while online, so for instance i make a character called Nah whose a stealth assasin whos role in the game/film is to try and assasinate the other characters (cos im bored) but i could only do it while the other person is online, and i would have to write out fight scenes with the other person, whereas someone else could be like a detective trying to solve all the crimes that go on and hunt down and track people like me with a flagrant disregard for the law.

it might not work but i thought it might be worth a try, if u interested make a character, say what there role is and as soon as there is someone else to join me we can start writing it out.

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