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I missed Sword of the Stranger....damn it lol

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 It was on theaters on FEB 5 only :(I lost 40$ worth of tickets cause I had to go to work lol...it sux(Probably not important info but thats around the last time I logged on my manga) lolOk so its been a while so I tought I drop some info on some new stuff...Before anything though anyone that wants to meet me on (Street Fighter IV - PS3) my username is     Elementshadow89I only have 1 anime show that I started watching (action packed) + good storyName is Kurokamihttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Qz6SiP3eTQ Killzone 2 is out aswellGurren laggan FINAL box set is out on March 17AKIRA is now out in BLUE - RAY ! !...well that's it I guess lolGonna try and get on more but I always forget :/

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