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Has anyone ever read....

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Has anyone ever heard of JTHM - Johnny The Homicidal Maniac? I just got the Director's Cut, the whole series of comics in one book, with some bonus stuff. WOW!!! It was done by Jhonen Vasquez, if the name sounds familiar, he did Invader Zim for Nickelodeon. My mind is still reeling from reading this. When Johnny ( also known as Nny) isn't torturing victims in his home, killing everyone in a coffee shop, or terrorizing the child next door ( known as Squee ), he's pondering philosophical questions about existence, arguing with the two Doughboys ( who are some downright psychotic styrofoam figures), giving the wall a fresh coat of blood, or doing some soul searching with Nail Bunny. Along the way he dies, Visits Heaven, questions God, goes to Hell, upsets everything, and then gets sent back to the mortal world where he decides he needs to change something.  this was hard to find, I had to get my copy off of Ebay. It wasn't really expensive, but it was definitley worth it.

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