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Hadon Marks Academy chapter 1

Yakuro_Kurosu's picture

           A haunted private school. That was the rumor of Haodn Marks academy. Only children with special abilities can qualify for it and graduates tales spread. i thought that it was just weird and didnt believe it was haunted.  But i knew what they meant certain children being qualified, certain as in all but humans. people with abnormal abilities. For example me. a high school girl with the ability of creating and manipulating elements such as fire and water. But honestly, ghosts?haunted? i thought it was just going to be a school that makes people like me feel more comfortable being surrounded by people like them and less outcasted. yeah..that was before i was qualified.        Yes. it was haunted. the day i walked through the first classroom i nearly freaked out by the fact my teacher was a ghost himself. my addressed dorm, sun dorm 49, was creaking with bugs that didnt even look liek they came from this world. but it was a nice dorm besides the creaking and bugs. and the worst part, besides people like me were people like them. vampires, werewolves, witchs. deep down we're all known as demons right? But i swear i didnt belive in these kind too. And meeting the worst of them, loki. what sucks the worst...i cant get out till i graduate.

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