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Ghost in the Shell S.A.C on Youtube? Please?

Okay so I'm really hoping this is the right place to post this, because I just dout myself too much if I try E-mailing Manga.com directly.
So I made an account just to post this.
I'm a youtube dweller, and I've found tons of anime on it, be it subbed or dubbed, and I'm talking about the offical distributor channels, like FUNimation and Bandai Entertainment, they have like entirely complete shows available. New or old, it desn't matter.
So after I've searched like though the very edges of youtube through its titles and tags related towards GITS:SAC, all I can find are AMVs, and really short scenes of moments in the series
So is it at all possible for someone up there in charge of the site, and the Channel to please, upload the series both 1 & 2 onto Youtube?
Subbed or Dubbed it doesn't matter its a good series never the less, I'm sure more people like the subbed over dub, like every other anime, but I first saw the series dubbed on Adult Swim when it first premiered, but it really doesn't matter to me 
Like even a episode uploaded a week if thats possible like the good ol days, just as long as it gets up there, I really miss the series
Shamfully I admit I don't own it on DVD, I'm sorry, but whats the harm with it being on Youtube?
Its been offically licensed and released in the US since 2004, so its been 8 years, I think enough time has passed, 
and you guys got the entire series of Gurren Lagann up there in its own special slot as a show which came out 4 years later after S.A.C
So can someone please, pretty pretty please see if they can get the show up there, its really cool, intresting, and even though we've already seen it, doesn't mean we don't wanna see it again, thats why we love anime
I'd really appreciate it, and I'm absolutely sure plenty of other people would love it too

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