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Ghost In The Shell 2.0 Dub

dreameroutthere's picture

So, I'm new here. Hi everyone.

Honestly, what brings me here is that I can not believe that Manga Ent. used the old 95 dub of GITS for the new 2008 2.0 Edition?

I'm a bit dismayed actually. The Japanese version recollects the original VAs and provides even revised dialogue to be more friendly to modern speech and they even gave the Puppeteer a female voice.

Now, if they can do all that for the Japanese version, we should get the same thing. I want to hear Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Motoko Kusanagi in the first movie and all the rest of the cast from the series. Now that they have all dubbed GITS 2 Innocence, GITS SAC, GITS SAC 2nd GIG and GITS Solid State Society, they would do an amazing job redubbing the first movie.

Further, the 95 dub has alot of inaccuracies like in the beginning when Batou asks the Major "What's with all that noise in your brain?" and she responds in the English version "Must be a lose wire." In the Japanese version, she says "It must be that time of the month." And this line was straight out of the Manga and by it being absent from the English version, it thus takes away from the story and overall intent in the adaptation of the book to film. Such things are present all over the 95 dub as was common place back then.

Now, I am still a supporter of this anime and Manga Ent. and am thrilled to have a dvd of 2.0 in the states even with this dub. If I have to listen to this dub, least I can have the new graphics with it. And to do my part, I've already purchased my dvd which strangely enough was more expensive then the Blue Ray.

However, if a redub was ever done, with accurate dialogue, the Puppet Master actually called the Puppeteer as it is in the manga and the Japanese version, voiced this time by a female to match the new Japanese version, and with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Motoko Kusanagi along with the rest of the cast. I wouldn't care if the dvd cost $50, I would buy it. So, from a loyal but dismayed fan to Manga Ent., please fix this little oversight of using the old dub for the new 2.0!!

Thank you for your time. :oP

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