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The Get Backers

Niji-Hana's picture


Has anybody here seen this anime?  I've been watching on anime.com and it is really good!  It is basically about 2 guys that form a detective service to retrieve the lost items of their clients for a fee.  There is a lot action and really cool characters on the show.  My favorites ones are Ban Mido & Ginji Amano (the main characters), then there is Akabane Kurodo, not he is as slick & smooth as you can get (in my opinion)--he doesn't really take anybody's side in any of the escapades that they seem to get into & only takes "jobs" for the fee he receives.   Well, anyway if you haven't sen the show, you should check iit out... all I can say is its SOOOO KEWL!!!  Dewa Mata, Niji-Hana

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