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Freezing 107 Vol 14

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Freezing 107 Vol 14
Read  Freezing 107  Online
Am I the only one who sees Charles as a gigantic hypocrite here? She's spent the last 3 chapters going on a rant about how people who let their emotions govern their actions are flawed and should not be Pandoras, and yet at the end of her fight with Attia she goes and let her hatred and annoyance take control like that. Looks like somebody needs a look in the mirror.Or a scythe to the gut.Or a punch to the skull.Or a glaive to the spine.Or a broadsword to the waist.Or a bladed tonfa to the larynx.Or a giant claw thing to the chest.I could go on, but I won't.
Freezing 107 Vol 14
Read  Freezing 107  Online

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