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FLAME OF RECCA - funs go here

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Flame of Recca is an anime/manga that tells the story of Hanabishi Recca. Recca is the son of a fireworks maker in the modern day, but he is actually unknown to him, the 26th leader of the Hokage ninja clan, a clan that was wiped out many years ago. He was sent to modern world with a special technique by his mother, Kagero. Recca doesn't learn of his past until his mother, who is now immortal due to the time skip technique she used, tracks him down and attacks him. As the 26th leader of the Hokage clan, Recca is a flame master who wields the power of the 8 flame dragons who embody the 8 greatest flame masters of all time. Recca`s 8 flame dgraon :   nadare                                            saiha                                              homura                                                 setsuna                                                  madoka                                                     ryu                                                      koku                                                        resshin

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