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Favorite Foriegn movie?

OberKommando44's picture


For this you could count Anime/Manga movies from Japan, but I was talking more European. Since I said that my favorite Non-Anime/Manga foriegn movie would be " Dead Snow". Its a Norweign movie that takes place in (You guessed it) Norway. IT follows 7 MEdical students going on a vacation. The first night that they stay in the wilderness, however they stumble on an old man who tells them the story of the area. "Latly there have been many missing people around here and deaths" he says. After theat he tells them the story of German occupation there by a Rutherless German SS Colonel. They were droven out by the townspeople into the mountians where they all froze to death... But now they have come back alive for their treasurees that they left behind. If you can get past the subtitles, then this would make an awesome Horror Film to watch =P oh and don't forget that there are NAZI ZOMBIES =O.

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