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Disturbing phenomena!!! Answer the question!!!

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A very disturbing phenomena has recently acquiesced my attentionfor within the confines of my realm i came across a topic posted by another member and it has had a particularaura which surrounds this particular subject for you see i too within the fathomless endurances of my mind have also thought about conjuring up some sort of mythical creatures from the endless dimensions of my palpable imagination and mould it into some twisted form of entertainment for those enigmatically challenged to form some sort of biased conclusions and enjoy the sadistic or torturous displays which may either engulf the mind body and soul or to simply toss it aside and become a mindless pulp consumed by the entirety of its madness.... Congrats to illidan16 (to create your own manga/anime)... that is truly an interesting topic..... shame on the rest who have failed to see the value of your brilliance or have a blatant disregard for the eccentrics.... The path to conquest leaves nothing else to be desired as i beckon thee from the depths of mine madness I summon forth the majestic beasts within the confines of my tormented soul.......

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