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Digital Distribution - When?

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Hello there, cats & kittens. I see you've got an 'available on iTunes' link up there but there's nothing on iTunes as of late. I'm glad you've taken this step: Everyone seems reluctant to go with digital distribution. It might be worth telling the fans that if they grab the fansubs instead of paying for it, the company who made it doesn't make a penny and that really hurts them - Plus no matter how many people watch the given show fansubbed, only the purchased stuff is classed as a success. If you get the message across that "if you don't buy it, they can't keep making it", I think fans would reciphrocate.  I mean they're churning out this MOE garbage as of late because it's a profitable market whereas stuff like the Ghost in the Shell franchize and Gundam have really suffered, thanks to the steep decline in Japan's tastes. Funny, though, isn't it?   In the land of the rising sun, the only consumers are children and the otaku horde (who seem fascinated with little girls as of late). You'd think Japan would be making stuff to appeal to foreign markets, since there's more people out of Japan than in Japan who consume the medium. I mean for one, it'd be stupidly profitable via digital distribution if it's affordable and written to the tastes of western fans (adult plots, believable characters, realistically portrayed violence, a center on the world as a whole) as apposed to Japanese tastes (simpler more childish stories, simplified art, MOE, xenophobia (here's looking at you, Code Geass), and a big focus on appealing to niche perverse markets).  Anime's one hell of a medium.It dies every decade, reborn in a new form with new tastes. I hope Japan wise up to their external audiences and sort out their distribution mechanisms and the material as of late.I kind of miss the mystery and the intruege - They've let a lot of talented writers slip through their fingers.  Well, whatever. Your thoughts? 

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