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Death Note Christmas

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This is a short story series I wrote last Christmas. Its written more like if it would be an anime or a show or something, so its different than what you might read in a book or what ever. I am also working on a 2nd Death Note Christmas for this year, in which takes place 1 year after these events. This story is 3 parts long. AND there is a major difference in this Death Note and the anime's. (You'll find out whats different after you read). I will post a new chapter every few days, then begin posting the 2nd (I am about a quarter of the way done with Death Note Christmas Part 2). So I hope you enjoy the first installment! (Oh, and be warned. This is a MATURE story. Language, violence, and other MATURE things are in it. I am not sure if this site bleeps swear words out, but there are alot in this, and it has the works.  Tears(MATURE)Part 1A man is walking down the road. It is around 7:30 PM and he is about to meet his girl friend for a date. Tonight is the night Max Fisher is going to ask his girl friend Angel Oreh to marry him tonight. It is the middle of winter, and his hoping to get married on Christmas! He is so exited, he is practically jumping out of his shoes. But at the same time, he is trembling in fear.He is waling to Shelby’s, the small restaurant where they first met. He is now standing in front of the door of the restaurant. He takes a deep breath in, and then out. He opens the door. A little bell rings. He walks over to the area where the tables were. Much to his surprise, he sees his best friend Stephen Steeler sitting next to her. He had his arm wrapped around her shoulders.They see Max. Stephen takes his arm off of Angel. Max walks over to the table and sits down. Max says “Well, I didn’t expect you to be here Stephen! W-What have you been up to?”. “Oh same ol’ same ol’!” Stephen replied. Max continues “How’s your new book coming along?”. Stephen replies “Oh, fine. Fine.”.Max sensed that something was wrong. Angel looked down. Max asked “What’s wrong Angel baby?”. Angel looks back up to him. She seemed a bit worried. Stephen said “Look, Max. I am very sorry, but, uhm, I don’t quite know how to put this, but… uh…”. He paused. Max shouts “What?! What’s going on that I don’t know?!”.Angel says “Well, we haven’t been loyal to each other. The truth is Max, me and Steve have been dating for a few months now. I am truly sorry.”. Max becomes stunned. Stephen says “I hope this dose not ruin our friendship. We’re still pals right?”.Max pounds his hands on the table. He shouts “Why the hell did you do this to me!? Stephen! Angel! We’ve known each other since we were toddlers! How could you do this to me!? WHY? WHY?”. Angel begins to cry. Stephen says “Now, calm down Max. It’ll be OK! There are plenty of other fish in the sea!”.Max throws the table onto them. He again shouts “Fuck you Stephen! Why the fuck don’t you just find another woman!?”. Max takes out from his pocket the wedding ring he was going to give her. He shouts “Do you see this!? I was going to marry you! Don’t you see!?”. She hangs her head down. Max takes the box and throws it at her face and again shouts “I love you Angel! I’ve always loved you since we were kids! I told you that! Stephen, you knew that as much as she does! Then why? What did I do wrong? What did I do to deserve this!?”.Two waiters run over and stands in front of Max. One of them tells Max to “Get out of here! We don’t want your kind in this place!”. Max shouts “My kind? MY KIND! I’m not the mother fucker who cheated on his best friend with the love of his life!”. The waiter then shouts “Get out! NOW! Or we’ll throw you out!”.Max flicks off Stephen and shouts “Stephen! Fuck you, our friendship is over!”. He kicks open the door and runs out to the snowy streets of New York City. There was a big window in front of the shop. He stood there for a few seconds, peering into the window and Stephen and Angel. Tears filled up his eyes. He grabbed the hairs on his head. He felt like pulling all of his hair out.He sees the waiters picking up the table asking “Are you OK?”. Angel does not say anything. Stephen tells the waiter “We’re fine. We may need some alone time.”. The waiter says “Understood.”. Stephen hugs Angel, and Angel was petrified, with her head burrowed in his chest.Max just walks away. He strolls down the streets. People crowding everywhere. His mind was filled with anger. Questions bouncing back and fourth in his head “Why did they do this to me? How could they cheat on me? What the hell is their problem? What did I do to deserve this? I thought things were going perfectly! What happened? What happened to my sweet Angel? How could Stephen, of all people do this to his best friend? Why? Why?”.He was clouded with anger, and his tears made his vision blurry. He did not want to loose Angel. He never thought it could happen to him. Snow began to fall from the sky, ever so peacefully. He looks up into the air. He could feel the snow melting on his face, and freezing his tears.~~~He finally makes it home. He takes off his coat. His cat rubs up against his leg. He says “Hey Lucky.”. He walks over to his couch and lays down. He looks over at his television and sees a set of keys. It was a the set of keys to Stephen’s apartment. He says “Oh! Now I find his damn keys.”. He stands up, picks them up, and throws them on his desk. He goes back to the couch. He, still in anger, tries to calm himself down. He thinks to himself “Maybe some television will calm my nerves.”. He grabs the remote and turns the television on. There was a Christmas special on. “Well, it’s that time of year to be happy. Maybe this will do.”.He sets down the remote and gets into a comfortable position. His cat jumps onto his back and curls up on him. He pets him a little bit and says “Well, at least somebody loves me.”. He stops petting the cat and continues on watching the Christmas special.After about twenty minutes, he falls asleep. The next mourning, he wakes up early. At first he seems happy, but after gathering his thoughts, he realizes reality. He had lost his girl friend to his best friend. He feels a tear stream down his eye. He looks up at the clock. He panics and shouts “Crap! I’m late for work!”.Max rushes to get dressed. He flies out his door. He signals for a Taxi. One pulls over, and he gets in. The Taxi driver asks “Where’ya goin?”. “New York Department of Space and Stars please.” he replies. About ten minutes later, he arrives at his location. He pays the taxi driver and walks out.He runs up to the guards who were standing in front of an electrified gate. He shows his pass, and the gate opens. He runs in thinking “Damn! I’m late! I’m late again!”. He barges through a room saying “Review Room” on the door. There were five other men sitting down and one standing up. The man standing up says “Your late again Fisher! I told you not to be late again!”.Max nods his head saying “I know, I know.”. “No! You don’t know!” he replies “I am your boss and what I say goes! Do you got that?”. Max nods his saying “Yes sir.”. His boss shouts “No! This was the last straw! I’m sorry Fisher, but I have to fire you!”. Max shouts “What! You can’t fire me! We’ve gone through so much!…”. “No! We have! You’ve been sitting on your ass all day doing nothing but typing for us. You can be easily replaced!”.Max shouts “But most people don’t have the certification that I do to actually be here!”. His boss shouts “It’s not only that Fisher, but I saw the paper. You trashed that diner! I can’t have that! You’re a threat to us all!”. Max shouts “I had a good reason! My best friend…”. “I could care less why. Now get our of here!” his boss shouts.Max looks to the floor. His boss shouts “What the hell are you waiting for? Get out!”. Max turns around and walks through the door. He then turns around and flicks off his boss. He shouts “Good riddance!”. Max slams the door.He walks out of the department and calls on another taxi. This time, he goes to his parent’s house. He knocks on his door. This mother opens up. Max is crying. His mother walks down and says “Oh, it’s OK dear. I guess you’ve heard.”. Max asks “What? What is it?”. She replies “Your father is in a better place now.”. Max’s knees become wobbly. He lets go of his mother and shouts “What now? My father is dead!?”.She replies “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, I…”. “Sooner!?” Max questions, “How long have you been keeping this from me!?”. She says “Oh, for about a month now. I didn’t know how to tell you. Your feelings break so easily, I just didn’t want to be the one to tell you!”.Max shouts “You could have told me! Why? Why didn’t you think I could handle it!?”. She replies “Well, everyone thought we should have waited a little bit. Even Stephen said that…”. Max interrupts “Stephen? STEPHEN? That low, cheating, mother…”. His mother slaps him in the face. She shouts “Now, Stephen’s a nice young boy. He knows you even more than I do!”. “Wait! So Stephen knew this whole time? Who the hell else did you tell? That bitch Angel?”. “Watch your tough! You and Angel have been broken up for months now…”. “They told you that? We just broke up last night!”. His mother begins to cry. She shouts “Stop it Max! Just stop it!”.Max runs away. He just runs and runs until he finally finds himself at his apartment. He walks over to his bed. Out of breath, he plops down, face down, on the bed. He begins to cry. He rips apart his pillow. He shouts “Why!? Why does this have to happen! It’s the day before Christmas Eve! This is the worst time of my fucking life! I hate you all! Fuck the world! Fuck you God for giving me this life! I hate it! Why don’t you just take it away from me instead of me suffering!? Why!? WHY!?”.All of a sudden, he heard a knock at his door. He shouts “Get away from me!”. A voice came from the other side of the door. It said “But I have a proposition for you that you cannot refuse.”. Max did not recognize this voice, but something about it made him get up and walk to the door. He opens it to see a man in a black tuxedo and hat. His skin was as white as snow, but his eyes were as black as night.Lucky hisses. The man says to him “Hello! My name is Lived. I am hear to offer you the most powerful thing in the world Mr. Max Fisher!”. Max asks “Wait, how do you know my name?”. “Does it matter?” Lived mutters, “I am hear to GIVE you this little Note right here.”. “A note? From who?”. Lived chuckles. He replies “Nobody Mr. Max Fisher. I am giving it to you! Free of charge! Lets just say it’s a Christmas present!”. “But I don’t even know you!”. Lived chuckles again. He says “Oh you do boy. Trust me. You do!”. Lived hands Max the note. He looks at it. The cover and the back is black. He opens it up. The inside cover says “Death Note”.Max shouts “Hay mister! Is this some kind of sick trick!?”. Lived chuckles again “No no. It’s no joke. This Death Note is made for you. There is only one page in it, for you to write any name you would like in it.”. “And then they die right?”. “Exactly my boy! You catch on fast!”.“Yeah right! Like I could kill anybody by writing down their name.”. “But you can! Anybody! Write down the person you hate most! It does not matter! But choose wisely, because you can only have ONE total name in it. You can even write specific details of how he dies….”. Before he could finish, Max slams the door in his face.He throws the Death Note on his couch and walks back to his bed and lays down. He hears Lived through the door saying “But be warned. IF and ONLY IF you decide to use the Death Note, you will be selling your soul to the devil!”. Max shouts “Shut up! Get the hell out’a here you crazy old coot!”.It becomes silent. He takes in a deep breath, then exhales. He decides he wants to take a nap, to get away from it all. He tosses and turns in his bed, but despite everything that had happened, he could not get that Death Note out of his mind. Tossing and turning, until an hour had passed.He stands up and thinks to himself “Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try!”. He quickly gets up and runs over to the couch. He grabs the Death Note and runs over to his desk. He opens it up. On the flip side of the page, on the inside back cover, listed some rules. Five rules. They read as followed:1. Once you write down the name of the person you want to kill, it cannot be erased. It becomes permanent, and even if you try to erase, it cannot. Do not write sloppy, because if the Death Note cannot read it, you will die.2. When you write down the name, you must give it to the person you are going to kill, and then in 24 hours, he will die of a heart attack. You must give it to the person with that name, or you will die.3. You may write specifications leading up and how that person will die.4. If you ever hold this Death Note in your hands again after you have given it to the person you are going to kill, you will die and that person will live.5. After you are done with specifications or just the name, you must write ‘Cease’. After that, even if you try, you cannot write in the Death Note again. After that, these rules will disappear.Max thought to himself “I know just the person to kill! The one person who I can kill without anyone knowing! Then, I will get my life back! I will kill Stephen!”. Max bends down, with a pencil in his hand. It glides easily through the paper writing “Stephen Steeler”. Max thinks “I shouldn’t write details. He has known me my whole life! He should know my hand writing, so the less I do, if he finds the Death Note, he may not find out it is me. Also, I should change my hand writing a little bit.”. He writes ‘Cease’ below the name.He grabs the keys to Stephen’s apartment. He calls a taxi and drives over there. He sneaks inside. “I must give it to him. I must force it into his hand so no one else before him touches it.”. He tip toes over to Stephen’s Bed. Angel sleeping next to him. He walks over and sees Stephen laying down on his bed, his arm under his pillow. He puts the Death Note in his hand, under the pillow. He looks at the clock and it read “12:00”. He then leaves and goes back home.To Be Continued

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