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A deal with the Devil...


Anyone familiar with the Rolling Stones?...the greatest rock band of all time.
They have a famous song titled "Sympathy For The Devil". It's a classic and it's being adapted into a graphic novle series featuring the "...man of wealth and taste" himself recounting his exploits over the course of human history. 
How about the novel Faust?
It the story that began the whole "deal with the devil" concept and involved a man selling his soul for fame, fortune, and power. Well, this graphic novel series employs this very concept in the telling of Lucifer's involvement with history's most notable characters and events...Alexander the Great, Jesus of Nazareth, Julius Ceaser, Czar Nicholas II, the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, WWI and WWII, the Assassinations of the Kennedy's, and much, much more...
There is also going to be an opportunity to win a role in the series as a character through kickstarter.com...sound cool? 
The series is going to be epic to say the least and you can get a preview of it on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Covenant-A-Graphic-Novel-Series/376705439013675
This is just a very brief preview, so stay tuned to more updates and the upcoming kickstarter campaign. 

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