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As Darkness Falls

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Here is one that I wrote May of this year. I think my writing skills have improved since then, but I entered this one as well into the contest. Though this one probably wont win it compared to my other one for sure, but it needed more things (Since its a School Litarary Magasine contest named STARRED at our school). Anyway, enjoy! (This is more of a horror than the last one...)  As Darkness FallsDuring the day, it is cheerful, happy, and tolerant. People act normal, and walk about normally and with a smile. But as they see the sun set, the doors close and the windows are locked. Everyone rushes inside a building, because what happens after darkness falls is what brings out the fear in all of men, for after every sunset, a creature steps out of the mist.Oh, but this is not any ordinary creature that you may read in novels. No, this creature is much worse. It’s not like Dracula or the Werewolf. It’s not the Boogyman nor the Lachupicabra. No, nothing can compare.It comes out every night. It stands about ten feet tall. It’s hair runs down to it’s feet. It’s teeth are ever glowing. Its nostrils always flared. His skin as white as snow. Its eyes are like the fires of hell. It has three fingers on each hand. All with horrifying claws at each end. All of them sharpened and razed like a newly sharpened sword.It wears a long black cloak that drags behind it, longer than it is tall. It’s so black; you can distinguish the blackness of the cloak from the lightly lit dark space above. There are never stars when it comes. I just guess that its evil is so horrendous; what ever light is around it fades out.The thing that sticks out, even more than its claws, even more than its teeth or cloak, even more than its hell fire eyes, is the staff it wields. Its staff he always has at its side. It is a bountiful amount of skulls wrapped in rope around the staff. At the tip top of the staff is the skull of a demon. Blood is always spewing out from its eyes, nose, and mouth. There is a crack on top of that skull with a blood vain sticking out like a vine. At the end of this vain is a living object. A black heart, even blacker than the cloak.The heart continues to beat, and beat, and beat. Rumor has it that the heart on its staff is the heart that is supposed to be inside of him. The beating noise is makes sounds like that of a human’s, but amplified one hundred times. When ever it is near, you can hear the heart beat, and beat, and beat. The noise is so loud, you don’t even know if your own heart beating or not.Tonight is no different. It comes from the same side of town, the same way all of the time. Its victims always knowing, always waiting, always wishing. It strolls through the dimmed, quiet town, knowing that everyone is in fear of it. It chuckles for a moment. I lift up a flap of the drape in my room. It turns its attention to the house across the street. The noise of the heart continues to beat, and beat, and beat into my mind. The noise getting louder. It attempts to open the locked door. It wiggles the handle. The door does not budge.It walks over to the house next to it. It again wiggles the door knob. This time, the door opens. The creature smiles. It slowly creeps into the home. The heart beat stops for just a moment, and only for a moment, does the whole town go quiet. Not even the tip tap of water or the noise of scurrying rats. All of the sudden, the quiet is broken. A woman’s screech pierced my ears as the screech tore through the still town. It was then soon was followed by a man’s scream.Soon after, the woman’s screech came to a mere squeal, then to a halt. The man’s scream became dead silent. One minute had not even passed, nor do I think thirty seconds. The creature steps outside the open door in the front. Inside the home it looks like it is covered in blood. As it steps out, it disappears. The creature closes the door behind it. The screech and scream paralyzed me. I became still, more quiet, more venerable. I cannot feel the tips of my fingers, legs, or body. The cloak’s end is so long, I cannot see the end of it. The creature looks over at my house, then to me peering out the window on the second floor.Suddenly, my heart began pounding even faster. I could feel my fingers again. I fell backwards to try and avoid being seen, but it was already too late for that. Suddenly, I could hear the black heart again. Blood was rushing through my brain. The beat was getting louder and louder. Bu-bump.. Bu-bump... Bu-bump….Downstairs I can hear the door knob turn. It must have been shaking it violently. I kept asking myself if I had locked it or not. I kept thinking, that I must have forgotten. I must have. The shaking stopped. I asked myself if he was gone. I peered out the window behind the drapes. I look down to see nothing in sight. Not even the cloak.Suddenly, I hear foot steps walking up my stairs. Tip, tap… Tip, tap… my heart lunges into my throat. I can feel myself wanting to regurgitate. I look across the room from me. There is a baseball bat that is leaning next to the door. I continue to hear the foot steps get closer, and closer, and closer. I dash for the baseball bat. I grab it and take a few steps back. The foot steps stop. I hold the baseball bat, ready to swing. The door slowly creeps open. I take a step forward and swung the bat about half way to the creature that stepped in, until I realize that this is not that creature. It is my little sister. She says to me that the stars are showing again. I lunge towards the drapes. I open my drapes a little, then all the way to see the stars lighting the sky once more.My heart slowly beats back down to normal. I feel safe, for a while. I know that it won’t come again, at least, until tomorrow night when darkness falls… At school I fixed some fragments in this. I dont have that version, but its virtually the same. I hope you liked it! =D

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