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The creation of total chaos

DemonicDarkMaster's picture

Within my realm of chaos and confusion i summon those out there who are of sturdy character and willing to take blows to their own ego for their own selfish choices to have a healthy discourse in a topic we all endeavour to know...My OpinionHaving got a feel for the site i have exchanged converses with some rather peculiar beings acclimated to this site.... however due to time due to the variables that constitute this planet of time place and availability i have come to the conclusion that in order to have any real connection to those out there that are willing to peak the interests of the gathering that any one interested in forming some sort of coalition whereby we can synchronise the times we spend on the site and have a clean discussion about the facts on our various anime sources/viewing etc and enlighten anyone even ourselves on any given factor/episodes whatsoever we may chose to discuss so that in turn we may be able to further our interests into this site and gain knowledge from sources other than our own and take into consideration opinions from around the entire globe..... knowledge is power people and keeping it to ourselves is not going to serve much of a purpose.... and if we can post our responses almost simultaneously to the topics we propose we can in fact have a discussion on any given comment/topic.... so i challenge you the people logged in to this site let us make it interesting for us..... we don't have the benifits of an online chat box but we have the forums that we can post to and allow our voices to be heard.... i personally have tried my time at other sites and this is the first time i've come across a site that does not indulge of the obscenities of the other sites and i for one am willing to voice my opinions with those willing to be heard....P.s this is a very long paragraph of high consequences if you read this and you do decide to acknowledge it just say aye demon and those are the introductory lines to a very proclamatory summoning...... also if you get bored by reading this it is not my fault its my OPINION'S....                     "The path to conquest leaves nothing else to be desired                                   as i beckon thee from the depths of mine madness                                                   come forth and reveal thineself my demonic prodigies of old                                                                  I the Demonic Dark Master Summon thee to do mine bidding!!!:" 

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