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Bullet For My Valentine

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I blame my friend Martin for bringing me towards Bullet For My Valentine. I just bought the new cd and it's really good. For school, I had to talk about a news add, and I decided to get one on them. There was an interviews with one of the band members and it seems that the lead singer, had trouble with his voice right aftet they finished the cd "The poison" and got an operation and stuff, and had to learn to sing again. It also seems that, the director changed all they wanted as music on that cd too, and that it sounded totally different from what they wanted. Now on their new cd, they have a new director and it's mostly their music now. It's different but it's really awesome! (the things I read might be false.. ) From all of their songs, I mostly like "Tears don't fall" (my fav hehe), "Suffocating under words of sorrow", "Scream Aim Fire", "Waking the demon" and "Take it out on me". All the songs are good but those are my favs. For those who like music with a lot of electric guitar and drums, you should listen to them. *Thumbs Up*

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