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Bob Conge

Zaborg19's picture

The coolest thing ever happened today. My fahter is a local machanic who works on farmer's and other people's cars, tractors, etc. Well, today he got a job from a man named Bob Conge, whom is a world renoun artist. He was a college prof. and an ex cartoonist (Or maybe he still is?). He does sculpture things now, but its crazy! An artist right down my road, I am so happy! =D And my dad mentioned to him that I wanted to be a cartoonist and going off to college soon, and he said for me to come over! =D ME!!! This could really be a chance for me to get acomplish my dream! (Of being a Manga Artist). My dad says he is a bit exentric and my dad and his friend whom was with my dad at the time just met Bob today and they were the first human contact he had next to his wife for 2 and a half years... I guess I am next in line, but he invited me into his studio! =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD He gave my dad some web sites and I like the stuff he does! Its pretty cool!:  http://bobconge.com/ http://www.plaseebo.net/frameset.html You guys might not care about this, but I really wanted to share this with everyone! =D I am so exited! (His stuff goes for pretty good too)

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