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BoA REreleases Her American Debut Album!!!

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As most of you already know BoA released her American debut album back in March of this year and it unfortunatly didnt reallly take off with the American music industry and did not make it to the top 100 on the Billboard:/ i believe she made it near the bottom near 180 i think:/ but it is her 1st American album sooo there is always her next album you cant become famous instantly:/ but on August 31st BoA released a new cd called BoA Deluxe.  It is generally the same as the normal album but it has a new package design and a few NEW BONUS TRACKS!!!  The new tracks include: Energetic(Radio Edit), Control, and Crazy About.  Not much i knowww but they are really good new tracks that have an even more electro sound to them than the rest of the album which is a plus for some and a minus for others:/ personally it is a plus for me because i like her music auto tuned or not<3.  All and all the album is worth getting but dont feel like if you buy the normal version you are missing out on to much because they are only 3 more tracks that are gggoood but they arent great:/ No matter which version you buy it is a great album it might not be BoA's best album but it is still a FUN good album and worth buying;)

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