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Bind Thy Soul

RobiMIX's picture

Hey guys!! I just came up with this story, hope you like it!! I was watching that show 'Reper' and thought it'd be cool to write a story like it!! ^_^ Except, this stories different than 'Reper'! First of all it's about a girl and her friends (not just one guy) second it's gonna be different becuase we're writing it!! And last, becuase their anime characters, which means they can do almost anything!!^_^ OK!! well here it is!!                                                                                                                      ~RobiMIX~ Nyaa! X3 The thunder roared as the faint sound of rain drops trickeled outside her window. She tilted her haed upwards slowly, watching the individual drops fall and scatter on the ground. In any other circumstanceshe would have fallen asleep, but the flickering of the lights made it impossible. The room was even darker than it usually was, or was it just because her eyes were closed? Or was it because something was different today?Her body tensed as a loud lightning bolt hit the roof. She franticlly jumped from her bed and ran up the stairs to see if anything had been broken, or if everyone was allright.Her heart sank as the sight of a cold, lifeless body was spraled on the floor. Looking up she could see the large hole the bolt had left, she could hear coughing and quickly ran to the body, not exactly sure what to do."Daddy?" she whisppered, softly stroking his face. "Daddy!?" she said louder when there was no reply."Chiyuki?" the body whisppered back. "Honey, I- I need you to---" he drifted off."Daddy!!" she yelled nodgin his shoulder. "What!? What do you need!?" His eyes had a hazzy tint, she noticed, as he continued. "I need you to... to stand up with your hands palms down, and repeat after me." His voice was shaking and his face was turning white."Why?" she asked not sure if he was serious."Honey, I should have told you this a long time ago,... before your mother died, the devil came to us and told us she would die giving birth to you... we didn't believe him at first, but after we made him prove he was really the devil, I begged him not to let your mother die! He said he could save her, if we sold your soul to him when you turned 18." He paused to see what her reaction was.She was pale, the color of her face had completely drained! "I don't have much time left, just do it. Please!?" He begged breathing heavily."OK!" she jumped to her feet and waited for him to continue.                                             "Dark lord that hold me close,                                      come open the doors and do your worst.                                            I'm here for you, my value is true.                                           Take my soul, that belongs to you.                                               My name is Chiyuki Fujaki,                                                      your will I shall do"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ok? I hope it's not too long!! Anyway, from here on my character (Chiyuki) thinks this was a dream, and continued life normaly. Well, normal enough concidering her parents are dead and she lives by herself. SO,you have a choice to make!!! Do you want to be a demon from hell, sent to collect the marked souls? Or a human whose soul was sold? Either way some might be dragged to hell, or will stand and fight along side Chiyuki!! So just start off with your character(s) name and which side your on!! And a short discription!! and/or pic link! ^_^ EX:Chiyuki Fujaki/ Marked Soulhttp://i293.photobucket.com/albums/mm41/yukinekoko/People/anime_girl_fav4.jpg                                               I'll let you know when the stroy starts!!! ^_^

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